A common english word that everyone knows.

a simple yet this word holds a lot of meaning.

When i started on this blog, i asked myself over and over again. “Are you sure? What is your purpose then? What will make this one last compared to the rest? ”

You see i must be the most unmotivated human in the world. i have a failing memory, never managed to complete a year of blogging, don’t even mention about 6 months! and my daily planner is hardly updated.

I honestly can’t answer my own question but i have hopes that I’ll find it as this blog, hopefully moves along but one deciding factor would be the pain i went through. With a failing memory, there isn’t much i can remember and maybe that is the purpose of this blog

to be a piece of me where i can let every thought, every painful moment and reflect on them.

This blog is to be a piece of me and that itself is a purpose.


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