A little story


Credit : Tumblr


A horrible yet necessary passing for humans in this world. 

Nobody likes death but I can’t be sure for certain, 

While thinking of the topic death, i wondered have you and i ever had a conversation as such? 

Most probably not because we were too busy getting into trouble and trying to save our ass. 

And now, let me share with you a little story, 

There was this girl I know. Let call her Cat for short. We were close, extremely close and even though we do not live in the same country, we always tried to find ways to communicate and I didn’t actually grow up with her. we met a few years back. The first time i laid my eyes on cat, I didn’t expect for her and me to click or even be friends. There was an invisible barrier there but we were formally introduced and were made to talk and amazingly the barrier broke and I met an amazing person. 

Every once or twice a year, we try to meet up whether it was in her country or mine but mostly it seemed to be in her’s. We had so much fun. Getting scolded while chilling on the rooftop and watching the stars, trying to sneak out and getting caught, doing stupid yet adrenalin rushing activities. She might get you into trouble but she will always gave your back. You could call her your typical wild child and she was always seen as the girl without a care. She was positive and happy go lucky. It was hard to break her but no one stays that way. 

Less than a month ago, news came of her failed suicide. Did it come as a shock? Pretty much yes, the girl who wore a beard on Skype 2 Christmas back  and annoyed me with her everlasting “HO HO HO” tried to kill herself. I was frighten and worried. I tried all means to contact her and when I finally got through to her, we ended up fighting. She was blaming me for not being attentive enough. part of the conversation went like this

Me : so why did you try?

Cat: You honestly didn’t saw it coming? I mean come on! I deleted my Facebook page, my twitter and you didn’t even realize once? 

Upon hearing that, I felt terrible and hated myself. How inattentive did i get? Was i really that busy with my life till I didn’t check up on her? The fight got worst. She started screaming that no one understood her any more especially me being the closes to her. I guess i had that coming but i started to get angry when she blocked me from the conversation and left me hanging. Just like that. 

The next day, slightly before 11 pm, the bad news came. She was gone. They found her unconscious in the morning and i only knew about it at night. The pain killed me that night. 


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