Dear love



Dear love, 

I am really sorry to hear about your aunt but think on the brighter side, she doesn’t need to suffer any more. Her suffering has ended. 

Death is an inevitable process and i know as much as you do it sucks but we can’t help it. 

i know your really tired from all your training and you have fallen sick because of it. Take care alright? 

You have gotten yourself this far so hang in there. 3 more days and i’ll see you up on that stage and honestly i am excited for it. you have worked so hard and this is your fruit of labour. 

Remember your aunt smiling and not when she was in pain. Remember all the good times and don’t regret any. I’ll send a lil prayer for her so calm your heart and close your eyes. 

Think of all the good things and bury the bad ones. 

If you need to cry and let out all the build in tension, go ahead. I’m 8 digit away and if it feels better for you to cry on the phone with me and hang up without a word, I’ll understand. 









Please take care of yourself and rest your heart. It must be alot of pain right now. 

Don’t worry, I’ll bring you to penny when we have time so all your unhappiness can disappear and I’ll see you smile again. 

Till then, take care and slowly breathe. Life will turn for the better. Insya’allah. 


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