Pride Vs Ego

I have always gotten confused with this topic. 

So i began reading and people wrote that 

” Ego is rather selfish and often has no basis in fact while pride tends to be less selfish and is typically based on the facts of a person’s achievements and qualities ” 

while others wrote 

” Pride is a form of inward content, which assuredly shows itself passively in action, deed, and personality, among other things. To be is enough for pride.

Egotism is not content with being and becoming. It requires an outward show, as if to test its worth. Pride is simply contentment in being. An elated sense of being content. ” 

Honestly there are more different definitions and if you asked me, i would have given you a blank stare and ask ” Isn’t pride like ego? ” 

Still confused, i asked a good friend of mine, Ry for help. Ry is an inspiring writer who has gone through similar experiences to me. 

in his words

” Ego is feeling of being superior to others. Being Me, Myself and I

Pride is a feeling of satisfaction from what one has done or achieved” 

and honestly i am still blank.



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