strictly pancake



Yes, today i went to try out strictly pancake at 44A prinsep street in sunny little Singapore!

So met le cousin in the morning and went to hang with her and zak while we both decided where to eat. Strictly pancake didn’t cross our mind till much later and after walking to a tauhuay shop to find it close and having to walk even more to the bus stop only to find no buses go to where we wanted to go, we ended up cabbing there. 

we came just after it opened and was amazed there were already customers waiting for their food. The waiter seated us and gave us cold water while we look through the menu. For chocolate lovers, you’ll probably find a piece of heaven in their menu as I swear most things I saw were all chocolate or had some form of chocolate and I’m not much of a chocolate fan so I ended up taking Strawberry & Co


Look at this! Strawberry & co basically is made out from strawberry and blueberry in some sort of strawberry sauce that taste like strawberry jam served with vanilla ice cream with 3 stack of pancake topped with this yummy sweet cream goodness! 

while le cousin took Garlic butter prawns served with a side of butter ( Of your choice) and honey!


3 stacked pancake bathed with creamy Butter Garlic prawns with a side of salad and cherry tomato! Prawn heaven I should say!

and here is my verdict, 



I know! it is such a pity we couldn’t finish it because it was just too filling but I would honestly give it a 3.4-4/5 stars~

Might seem a lil costly but the portion is big and it seems like a perfect place to hang out and boys, if you want to bring your date here, just be romantic and share the food! The portion is honestly is big and its better to share if not, you’ll end up like me and my cousin! 

For girls who want to bring their girls for a hang out session, I would recommend this place because you girls can talk over a shared meal and trust me, it is super filling! 






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