A true friend/ Friends never die

And so, i began my day by watching a thai movie! There is something about thai movies that are really appealing especially in their romance! 

And so i have decided to watch a thai movie : A true friend/ Friends never die. 



 Friends Never Die also known as Meung Gu/ My True Friend is a 2011 Thai action-drama movie starring Mario Maurer, Kamolnet Reungsri, Monchanok Sangchaipiengpen, Natcha Chantapan, Nawapaiboon Wuttinanon and Patomtad Sudprasert directed by Atsajun Sattakovit. The film centers to the story of friendship between two friends that misleads them to be involved in a gangster society.

Credit: http://iheartasianmovies.blogspot.sg/2012/06/friends-never-die-mario-maurer-movie.html

This movies is so beautifully written! It really teaches you the value of friendship and i loved every second of it even though it was a sad ending and i honestly LOVE the cast! The fighting scenes are awesome, its like a bonus for such a movie with moral values. 

Honestly when i watched this, i was expecting a happy ending as most thai movie i watch have a really sweet and funny ending but this was a sad one and it made me feel as tho it wasn’t fair! He still haven’t told her he liked her! Was expecting them to be a couple in the end! Damn director! 

But honestly this movie is amazing. I feel as though i could relate to some of the things in the movie. 

Having busy parents, spending your night out, standing up for your friends. I mean, we all would have done this especially standing up for our friends and being bullied. 2 most common things we all face in life. 

I hate bullies. I think that is the worst thing you can do to someone. Why bring down their self esteem and make them feel miserable? You are just like all of us so why are you acting like some big shot? 

But i loved it when Gun ( Main actor) stood up for his friends. A rare quality in our generation as everyone cares more about saving their own ass. And i learn as lesson when the sad ending came out, always spend time with the one you love. Nobody is going to live forever so cherish every moment you have with them. Be it the good and bad memories. 

“ Song… You must remember, 

We are fighters, not gangsters.

Men fight until there’s a winner, never to kill.” – GUN 

Wise words from this men right here! 


You are so adorable! 

So give this movie a try and trust me, you won’t regret it. You actually might end up learning a few things, like i did 🙂 




  1. I agree with you!!! This movie was AWESOME while the ending was soo sad the ending made me cry like water fountain.Can u recommend some other thai movies which r nice 2 me?

    • Hey jenny!

      Tell me about it! i cried as well and i thought it was an unfair ending! hahaha.

      some other thai movies that i like are

      – ATM ( this is hilarious!)
      – Suddenly its magic ( OH GOD! Its mario maurer! )
      – Hello stranger ( this is very sweet )
      – First kiss ( this is a must watch! )

      thank you for reading jenny and keep on a lookout cause i am in the process of doing some review for some thai movie that i’ve just recently watched 😀

      • first kiss is good but friendship is a heart touching story

      • Firstly , thank you for taking time to read my blog as it means alot to me and i apologise for the late reply 😦

        Thank you for the recommendation and i most def will check it out! Hehe! 🙂

  2. Well, I watched this film about 20 minutes ago and I’m still like “Gosh, so this is the ending?”
    In fact I little dissapointed with the ending and all I think about is Gun have all right to have happiness but why he end up with the way like that? But when I think about it again and again I can see if the film try to tell us if true friend never die. Even if Gun is already die, he will never die for other Sperm’s member. Or in this case, in their memories (Well, Gun will never die in my memories, btw XD)
    Yeah, I know I’m too late to watch this film but I know I’ll never regret it 😉
    Nice review 😉

    • Hello love!

      sorry it took me so long to reply because i finally, finally got back onto my wordpress!
      i know how you feel, i was so disappointed, he really did deserve a chance at happiness and for goodness sake, he hasn’t even have a chance with the girl! but yes, the film did manage to convey its intention and it was really a masterpiece!

      hahah im pretty sure GUN won’t die in any of our memories, that boy is fine! There is nothing such as watching a film too late, a great film is timeless 🙂

      thank you for the comment 😀

  3. Wow, after I watched the movie my tears are simply falling down.This movie makes me cry…
    I just want to ask if this movie is true to life story or its just an action drama just wondering after the movie they wrote(2members of the sperms are already dying)?????.
    I do really love this movie teach us the value of real friendship.

    • hello there!

      To be honest, i’m not too actually sure if the story was based on a life story because there was no news on it and i pretty much tried to Google it but no solid actual news that said it was based on a true story so yeah 😦

      however i am glad you enjoyed the movie as much as i did 😀

  4. I just watch this last night and I’ve been totally blown away by the story. Though it had a tragic ending but I think that’s the really essence of the story, friendship never dies even someone had passed away and their friendship are still being value & cherished.. & btw, exchanging underpants for initiation?? Lol, it makes me laugh… in a good way!!😉😉😉

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