Confuse part 2

Now to continue my previous post, we are gonna talk about Mr B 😀 

Now this guy, he is something interesting all together. well maybe to me tho. 

I have only meet B a few weeks ago. We were thrown into the same group and i guess i just knew that i could click with him. He is this refreshing perceptive all together and not forgetting a definite smartass and a geek trapped in this young ( Well not so young ) body and it is interesting cause he practice martial arts which i do too ( Note to self, set up a sparring practice with him ) 

Me and B were on cool terms and he loved calling himself “The annoying brother you wish you had ” and honestly he isn’t that annoying as compared to my brother. Now that guy is the most annoying person there is. well here is the thing, he and i had similar experiences and it just made me feel more comfortable. It made me feel as tho someone could at least understand what i was going through and how tiring it was. After the 2nd or 3rd meeting I met him, i disclosed the fact that i was suicidal and did self harm and i was surprised at myself that i could easily tell him things that i held close to me in fear people would judge but my heart told me he wasn’t one of them. 

When Catherine died, he was the only one concerned and it felt nice while everyone else was busy telling me how sorry they are and their experiences but nobody asked about my well being. Everyone was too busy saying they were sorry and to find someone who was concerned, it was a nice feeling. 

And like with A, i was infatuated as well. I didn’t know was it because he was there or he was just that refreshing for me or did i actually really liked him? 

you should know who you are and if you ever read this (which I hope you don’t!) I just wanted to say  when you told me you wanted to pursue education and be a teacher, i didn’t laugh and smile because I doubted you but more to i was amazed that you have ambitions and it amuses yet surprises me that someone as young as you already knew what you wanted. That is kinda rare in our generation honestly and even i don’t have any of that. I’m still thinking where i should go after this and your right, your names does have a nice ring to it as a teacher and i wish you all the best in life and your right, life goes on and i should be thankful to be alive because i get to feel so much different emotions every day reminding me i am alive and well. I may have not agreed to the art of healing but like you say, life goes on. 

A parting word before i end this post, 



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