Have you even been like confuse with your own feelings? 

Yes, the kind of confusion you get when your maths teacher tried to explain some weird concept to you or like when you like 2 items and your confuse on which you wanna bring home. 

Yes that kind of feeling and now instead of an item, lets put it in terms of people. 

I am confused about my feelings towards some of the people i adore. you see when 2 people enter your life and make you smile, that is when the confusion starts. 

so main character for today would be A and B ( Like typically ) 

About A

He is so weird at times and he is so nonsensical which at times can be funny and lame but when you need advices, he is really one of the best person to go too. Kinda surprising  really cause he rarely says anything that makes sense. He is so weight concious and goes on regular diet which I get to threatened him with my evil eye stare or hit him for the fun of it but overall, he is this amazing guy deep inside but a lil bit materialistic. He wants a hot girlfriend with abs and big boobs! hahaha, 

I have known A for sometime and most probably because he dated my friend and we are in the same activity group so its unavoidable. We started contacting because he was insecure about my friends relationship and asked for advice and all that till they broke up but we stayed as friends and its funny cause he has got to be the most self conscious  annoying, weird, funny, nonsensical guy in the entire world but he honestly has a very great smile which he cant see. phft, men. 

now here is the thing, maybe its because i have grown so comfortably with him or its just that he makes me smile or its because he has always been by my side when I need him, I’ve gotten scared to lose him. In a way, he is special to me. He is a blessing and I am the kind that can’t cope with losing someone. Its like plunging the knife into me. 

Maybe because of all this feelings, I could say I was infatuated with him. The kind of relationship we both have are awesome. I can talk to him about anything, be it sex, something that doesn’t even make sense or even anime and he would entertain me and we can both insult each other yet we don’t really take offence to it. well maybe a little bit cause i hate being call a bitch which i am so not. I’m fine with slut and other words cause normally I’ll just insult them back with even ruder words. 

Now done with A and onto B! 😀


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