Dreams are the most tiring things there is. 

For 3 days, I been having weird dreams and I’m tired. my mind has gone blank and i just wanna sleep well. One very particular dream that caught my attention was this

She was there. sitting on top of the building wearing a white dress and facing into the sky. the sun was on us but it didn’t feel hot at all. it was nice, the weather was nice and i was there, just staring/observing her from a distance. she turned and the wind played with her hair, she was beautiful and she smiled at me beckoning me over and patting the spot next to her. I walked towards her and sat next to her. she laughed and asked me what was i thinking about. I shooked my head and said nothing really. She shook her head smiling and held my hand. I looked at her surprised and she giggled, asking me why was i acting weird. I didn’t answer her and asked what were we doing up here. 

“Silly, we always sit up here. You don’t remember? Are you okay? ” 

she asked and looked worried. I didn’t answer her and stared into the sky and when i looked beside me, she was gone 

And the next thing i knew i was in a swimming pool drowning and i woke up gasping for air. 

It was so freaky because i am a reasonable swimmer and knowing that i would die by drowning was the limit. I can’t. this is too crazy for me. 


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