break up..


No, this is not movie review with the same tittle, but this is something that everyone goes through in a relationship. 

The break up. 

One of the worst and scariest thing there is. The break up is when both parties realize that they just can’t do it any more but rarely it is both parties, it normally is one party that decided and the other party having to deal with it. 

One of my close girls just broke up with her boyfriend. She is obviously down and has hopes of getting back together. Lesbi honest, i superly dislike her boyfriend. From the first time he met us, he didn’t make a move to be friends with us or even talk. He just kept looking at his food. so when they broke up, did i feel a sense of relief? Maybe a lil bit? I mean come on, she deserve better but as they say, love is blind. 

Me and my girls had to suck it up and be nice in front of him yet we bitch behind him. we aren’t a hypocrite, we are just growing up and being happy for one of our girls but of course she knew that we al disliked him and she could accept that but he didn’t need to know cause we all don’t care about what he thinks. 

Anyway after they broke up, things were turning sour and some truth came out and he said hurtful words and as her friend, after hearing her stories and hearing her trying not to cry, all i wanted to do is god damn punch you till you bleed. Yes, you heard me right, if i was given the chance, i would hit you so bad for cheating on her and threatening her and for asking her to do such lewd stuff. 

You are a pussy, you don’t t have the D that us women wants. You aint got balls bitch! 
If you don’t love someone, you dont fucking hide and go out with other girls and refuse to be straight forwards. Real men don’t beat around the bushes and cheat. They tell it to you in your face! 

You lost a lady asshole and you are gonna kiss her god damn sexy ass when she comes out of the gym  and feel you wasted your chance to be with her. 

and to my babe, i know you are strong and you can overcome this. Lets fill up our weekends with things more productive and don;t keep moaning about the breakup, it know it hurts like crap because you lost your future and your best friend but thank Allah for showing you his true self. I know your probably going to defend him again but i’ll probably tell you not too. 

Life is short to worry about past mistake, keep going forward and towards your dream. If things happen, it happens. you and him were a routine, with all those phone calls and dates but slowly get un used to it and enjoy your freedom before marriage. Now that is worst, you can;t even break up even if you wanted too! Your gonna fight with your husband and sleep in the same bed as him! 

Babe, you deserve better and you know that. Take all this as your life lessons because these makes the best stories and shows how strong you can get. don’t give up because of one guy, there will be other fishes, if not sharks and dolphin. The whole sea is your playground. 

The break up is always the hardest thing to go through but you will be fine. Time, ll you need now is time to make everything more calm. You can;t expect him to be okay after everything that you both have been through like how i dont expect you to be okay after your break up. 

All you need to do know is keep breathing and time. Inn sya allah all will be well. Kalau die terbaik untuk kamu seperti teman, allah will make everything better. Never lose faith in god, 


i love you and please don’t kill yourself. 



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