life so far

I am not an avid blogger but here i am going to talk about life so far. 

I guess it took a wonderful turn? 
I have been working and been enjoying work actually. 
Yes, it is exhausting and annoying, Some customer are really that annoying but my work colleagues make it all better. When i first started, i was scared of work politics and the enviorment. Working in the F&B line isn’t really my thing. I am more comfortable in the outdoors but i braved myself and went for it. The people are friendly and amusing. Annoying point, they keep forgetting to ask for my work schedule but all is well, 

There are days when i am afraid to admit to my parent that i actually enjoy work. i am scared when i mention or says this words, everything will come crashing down. 

Ever get that sense of fear? 

I do unfortunately , all the time. Thats why i choose to tell people that i am happily going with the flow and work is well and i do pray that everything will stay this way, 

Favourite cousin came with her boyfriend and i gave them a free drinks. Its family. 

Had an outing with my outlet colleagues on the 12 of march. My verdict : It was awesome! everyone expect for like 1 person in my outlet smokes so after seoul graden, we all went down to chill take pictures and smoke! everything felt like it was falling in place and i felt so relax but i do think 2 of my colleagues are dating and i was asked to take a picture with my Chinese  manager which i ended up laughing due to a comment by my other colleague who apparently is from my school but in his third year. I was forced by my pinoy manager to take a picture with my Chinese  manager and my colleagues went like “She don’t like Chinese boys lah thats why seat so far ” and we all started out laughing but i managed a photo. 

 Apparently at work, i met a wonderful soul. Shall not reveal her name but she is way younger than me. I’m turning 21 and she is only turning 17? But since we both are December babies, we could talk about everything and anything!

my verdict about my workplace: the people are awesome! 

another good thing that has been happening is i have been working out! yay me! 
I didn’t know what changed me but yeah, after a gym session with my cousin, i started heading to the gym and training and i am doing cardio boxing tomorrow evening! Super excited! 

The thing is, i am not doing it to be skinny but instead to be fit and strong. I have never liked the stereotype of girls always being the damsel in distress. Yes, it is cute and all but guess i am just not that girl. I like a strong girl or women who can hold her ground but knows when to show her weakness but not make use of it. I really salute those women. 


parting words, 

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For all those girls who wanna get their fitness back on or just to keep fit, 
Never lose hope! You beautiful girls can do it! 
The starting is always the hardest but trust me, if your doing it for the right reason and with the right way, 
You beautiful beings can achieve anything! 

So here i am rooting for all those beautiful babes who are trying to get your fit on! 
Lets do this together!



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