life changing.

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

In truth, too many things happened that made me changed my life. There is no such one life changing experience. For me, everyday is a revolution or to say. 

my first experience when i was young was when i harbour hatred and resentment towards my mom was when she first hit me when i was 7 years old, on my birthday. It all started out when i went to have a picnic with my grandparents and aunties and my mom was at work. we came home late and my mom was in a foul mood and after her naggy mouth, she hit me right across the face. As i child, i was scared and sacred to sa and before that, i was hit so hard my nose bleed all because i broke my father’s bottle of honey. 

From then on, i hated my mom because of her words and actions. She would hit me a lot of times throughout my childhood and i hated her to the point i rather kill myself but my father was a good man, he always tried to defend me and i continued staying alive for him but i kept so many thing bottled up, i became withdrawn and silent. 

As i grew, so many things happen and at the peak of it, my hatred for my mom collapse when she said she loved me and always and that she was sorry for always being harsh. My anger and resentment towards her just faded and our relationship is so much better now. Yes i do still annoy the crap out of her and all but we learn to compromise like watching our fav show together and even watching a quiz show and trying to outsmart each other. 

Death itself changed my life. As i grew, i saw many deaths. My first one was when my aunt who had diabetes passed away, in the muslim customs, we give a kiss to the deceased forehead to send them away and i remember as a young child, i was forced to do that and i kept trying to run away. It was intimidating, 

what changed me was when one of my uncles passed away, i knew him well but we never really talked till he was in the hospital. A day before he died, he kissed my forehead and told me to take care and be a good kid, I told him he will get better and i’ll see him soon but he passed away when i was in camp. 

the turning point, when my fav uncle passed away from cancer. He was a funny man who never failed to take time to talk to me. He would joke around and because he lived on a very high story, he would always warn me to stay away from the window. my fav memory of him was without fail, he would give me a forehead kiss. seeing him in the hospital suffering and trying to put on a smile for everyone broke me. I prayed god took him away before he had to suffer any more and god loved him. god took him away and even then, i couldn;t bring myself to cry at his funeral. i kept it in. this really taught me to cherish and be thankful for the people in our lives, didn’t matter if they made a difference or not, we should already be thankful we were able to cross path. 

this post is getting lengthy and so, i shall end it here and till the next time 🙂

ps, i pulled my leg muscle while working out! 

to those who took time to read my post, here is a blowing kiss for you awesome people! 



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