relationship, my kind

i am pretty sure i am not the only women who rather have this then all of you mushy mushy sickening sweetness. now don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against that but sorry, that just ain’t me. 

I’m the kind of lady who insults everyone closes to me, i call them dirty names and picks a fight with them and sometimes because of this, people take me the wrong way but hey, the reason is i just do not know how to act cute nor mushy. 

even with my ex, he will go all mushy saying he loves me and he’ll be talking baby talks and i’m like 

or i’ll go 

you see, i do not deal well with people sweet talk to me and i cannot deal with mushy cute stuff unless they involve cute animals but if not that, i will literally tell you to put a sock in it or i won’t reply till you talk properly. 

I sound like a hater but no, i do think it is cute but i find annoying at the same time. its like 

i know every lady wants a gentlemen who will treat her right, pay for her food and shopping and what not, miss her and call her every night and practically see her all the time and i shall say it, 

i respect your decision and if your boyfriend is okay with that, fine by me. 

but boys, half of us other girls rather you actually make an effort and playfully fight with us. 

It makes the relationship much more fun and interesting and yes, we get annoyed with clingy boys who call us every so often or asking us to meet like everyday. Twice a week is good and you can just text us away, spam our phones but not give us 5 min update report on what you are doing every min. we are not your mother! Girls would like it if you inform us where you are going and we’ll tell you to take care and having a lil space between is good because by the time he comes back , you can ask him how was his day and you have much more things to talk about! and  not make us annoyed by the sound of silence when we are on the phone and we run out of things to talk about when we call too often! 

unless your like my cousin who practically can talk to her boyfriend every night without running out of things to talk about then i applaud you! 

Being asshole to one another does not mean your a bitch or he is a dick, sometimes it how we show we do care about you and to be honest, i still do not know how to respond to someone’s compliment, sweet talk or mushy talk. I basically freeze up and go like

OHGOD, this is probably the reason why i don’t have a boyfriend. 

ah well, the single life is good anyway. 



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