writer wanna-be

I had always entertained the idea of being a writer. 

I love how you can play around with the words and they’ll give you all sort of meaning! 

but i fear i am not good with words nor grammar nor is my imagination that creative. 

pity because i would have loved to write stories of romance and adventure! 

where the lead character would be an amazing powerful female indiana- jones type who travel the world in search for mystical items so often does trade with a scheming evil yet kind hearted guy but goes against each other for the ultimate prize. 

but now it is starting to sound like hunger games. ah well! 

but don’t you ever wonder where William Shakespeare or j.k rowling or the guy who wrote Lord of the rings get their ideas for their storyline or even edgar ellen poe and not forgetting Stephen king of course, 

where, tell me where do this genius get their ideas from? 

i doubt it fell from the sky and dropped into their laps! but if it was, god damn it! 

why so good?! 




  1. There is no time like the present. A good indication of any writer is their ability to weave words together and from what I’ve read, you’re not too bad. I say take that chance and write the story that lingers in your heart! Even if no one ever reads it, still write it. I’ve been writing for years and a majority of my stories rarely get seen by others. Still, it is a satisfactory feeling to complete a story, to write about the worlds that exist in your head. Give it a try! You’ll be surprised 🙂

    • Hi suge! First of all, i wanna say thank you for reading my post! it is an honour and thank you for the motivation! you are right, no time like the present and on a better note, i would love to check out your stories and one day if an inspiration comes along, I’ll be sure to make a story out of it 🙂

      • Someday I will have to post an excerpt from one of my stories here. I don’t generate a lot of traffic on my blog (at least not yet) but when I have more of an audience, I will definitely post something. 🙂 Good luck on your future endeavors in writing

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