the verdict

Messy life, messy relationship. Everything was literally a mess! 

My house was in a mess, my relationship was in a mess, even my feeling were in a mess! 

after my angry rant, disappointment came as one of my girlfriends broke off our relationship over a guy! can you believe it?! OVER A GUY! 

at this point, i felt betrayed and what happen to ” bro before hoes! chicks over dicks ” 


and truth be told, it still hurts. you choose someone who treat you like shit over us, the people who heard your whining and pulled you back on your feet and 2 nights ago, she texetd me wanting to be friend again, wanting everything to be like normal. Instead of saying yes or no, i told her what i felt because i learn being truthful about such things is a better solution than being a fake ass bitch and saying ” everything is good now ” but never really resolving the issue. 

the picture seems dramatic but its kinda what i felt so bear with it! 

So, i told her what i felt and we sorted out what was going and what will happen now then she got back with her ex. Yes, the pain of betrayal is still but here is the thing, we forgive people sometimes simply because we want them back in our life and i gave her a second chance because sometimes people do really need it. 

now we are talking like normal and hopefully everything gets better and i pray for a break up soon cause i really dislike that guy and i’m pretty sure he hates me after the confrontation and shit but he can go suck it cause i don’t care. 



Alright, that all for this post! and here is a picture of kat dennings for you! 

I swear she is awesome! 


i guess there’s all then. 


much love, 



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