I don’t normally question myself or think otherwise of my gender or sexuality. 

I love myself the way i am and love others the same no matter what their sexuality is but right now, i can’t help but think i should have been born as a guy.

Its so tiring to hear everyone say ” Are you sure you’re a girl? ” or “You are weird for liking such stuff “

so why do people pass such judgement? 

Simply because i like horror, Gore,  anime and their cosplay events,  war and action genre and i love games but I’m not an avid gamer though. Partly because i suck at it and i tend to get so easily distracted that i end up losing and letting out a string of curses.

And every time i ask someone to the movies with me be it my girls or my friends and i ask if they want to watch a horror movie or an action movie, 

their reaction


and i’m like 


but no, it doesn’t stop here! 

Then they start making comments and telling me how weird i am and all and making all sorts of assumption and passing comments. 


to be honest,

I don’t find what i like odd at all. I mean everyone has a different personality and are bound to like different stuff. I basically can watch anything but zombie cause i think they are really that freaky but hey, i don’t complain when you guys wanna watch a chick flick or some romantic sob comedy. I’ll go with it because i am giving it a chance so why can’t you do the same and stop with all the passing comment. If you don’t want too, just say its not your cup of tea and we are good!

i won’t force you to watch it with me. 

like how i won’t force you to melt at the sight of Bruno Mars being all so yummy!



initially i wasn’t planning to blog till i got my travel post done but bruno mars is wayyy more important and beside i had to get it off my chest. 


much love, 



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