the cat : sparky


Hi! my name is sparky!
i’m turning 11 human years in 2013
or wait, was it 12?
my owner had me since i was a lil one and oh the havoc i wrecked on her parents house!
i gotten my owner scolded countless but she still loves me all the same!

they thought i was a girl at first and named me after lion king lead female character, nala
weren’t they in for a suprise when we visited the vet!
she told them i was a boy and i watched their jaws hit the floor!
they named me sparky because i use to run really fast and looked like the cat version of flash but that was all in the past.


this is how i look like! i have white paws that makes people think i’m wearing a sock!
hehe fooled you!
anyway my owner is back from her adventure after a week of leaving me!
but i’m not worried because she always comes back for me!
but as punishment for leaving me, i’m claiming her bed as mine!


so fellow reader, having a pet is a responsibility for life and no, it is not a burden. its one of the joys of life! having a pet is like having another family member! We pets love you unconditionally and we are here for you! we might not be able to speak but we will show you in our own ways how much we love you!

so my fellow readers, if you ever planning on having a pet, remember pets are for life and please try to adopt us from your local shelter! some of us needs a home and a loving family who would want another family member in their life.

much love,


and here is a paw for you! hehe.


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