up to this day, some people do not understand why i choose to forgive my friend easily.

Let’s be honest, is there really any point in holding a grudge at someone who makes a mistake? we are all humans, we are not god or some magical being that puts us above all the other homo-sapiens. we are all the same.

yes, you may talk about status like the person ranking or their job and all but deep down, that person is still a human and why not be the better one who is willing to forgive and forget. i know at this point, majority of us would say, “Why should i apologize or accept their apology when i think they don’t deserve it ”

i know that feeling. Why do all that when your heart and brain ( Sometimes) are telling you this person is probably going to commit the same mistake again and so why should you.

and I can tell you right now that there is no way to be certain. You just have to have a lil faith and pray that he or she has learn her mistake and trust that small part of your heart that believe the person has changed.  I gave my friend a second chance because to me, there is no point in keeping grudges and everyone deserve a second chance no matter what they have done. Everyone needs a new start at some point of time and we can be the better one to give it and let them prove themselves.

and now, I am thankful that my friend learned her lesson as we both had a proper talk and she explained to me what was going on and she thanked me for giving her a second chance when she really needed it and now, things are well between us.

i’m not trying to preach or anything but the next time you get pissed off at someone and you want to murder them, take a min to breathe, rationalize their behaviour and try to make sense of it. If that fails, try to talk it out with them and sort it out. It doesn’t matter if you end up not talking to them for days but at least get the matter sorted out even if you both ended up as enemies or frenemies or stranger but at least you can pat yourself on the back and say “I am not a bearer of grudges and i have made peace with my past and its time to move on”


my apology for the lack of pictures today.

been feeling a lil low and sad.

so here is a kitty gif for you,

anyway much love,



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