not good enough.

i am sorry i’m not like those girls who can giggle sweetly and have those amazing smile that can make you melt.

i am sorry i am not like those girls girls who are able to act all cute and mushy and make you fall for them.

i am sorry i’m not  tall, curvious and thin like those girls who are blessed with it and that you label as sexy and hot.

i’m sorry im not tumblr perfect.

i’m just a plain jane who can barely dress up and the only thing im good at is being bitchy and picking fight but thats how i show i care.

i’m just the girl down the street who has her insecure days , give attitude and wishes to be called pretty or beautiful and have someone to call their own who can cope my attitide and who wont leave because i am cold or being a brat because i dont
understand how to be clingy or show jealousy.  i wish to work things out and not break up when things get rough.

most of all, i wish to learn how to show love like i want to be love cause to be honest, i really dont know how too.

much love,


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