rants : don’t you just hate it?

Don’t you just hate it when you just finished watching your favourite show and now you got to wait for a whole week just for the next episode?! 


It makes me want to cry



As much as most of you think that people like us have no social life, 

Let me correct you right there!

Yes, we do have a social life, we go through normal activities and we breathe the same air as you do but don’t you ever get that feeling when you have something to look forward too? 

When you come home after a shitty day and realize that your favourite show is coming on and suddenly, everything seems better and you feel better and you don’t go to bed feeling like crap. 

But, once you get addicted to the show, every cliffhanger makes you wanna cry because you got to wait so long for the next episode just to find out what happen which usually ends up in another cliffhanger unless its the end of the show but the writer and producer might end up torturing you with a cliffhanger like BBC Sherlock Holmes! 

I can’t believe i have to wait another 8 more months for it! This is so heartbreaking! 

and i am also addicted to a show called Cult. It’s like a tv show in a tv show. A lil ironic but super awesome! However the show is kinda serious and i swear super confusing at the start but as it goes along, it gets better and the worst part, i don’t even know what day its being aired on! 

and now , people are saying the show is being cancelled! MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT IF IT’S TRUE!

and another one, 2 broke girls! What happen to them? I have been waiting ages for at least a new episode but none what so ever! Please don’t tell me they cancelled it just like Don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23! That was one of my favourite till it got cancelled! It was such a heartbreak! 

anyway, today marks the start of school for those in college in Singapore. Depressing really and i should probably get to bed if i want to be early for school tomorrow but what are the chances of that! 

and now, picture spam of Krysten Ritter cause i love her and i think she is mighty fine and funny and i adore her and such a comical relief! 



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