an unexpected dream : the meeting

Hello fellow reader, sorry for the long hiatus!

school has started and it is getting me all burn out like seriously and the worst part, the school took in more than they could which resulted in long canteen queue and majority of us senior were unable to eat actually. Everywhere was too crowded and you will start feeling so stuffy!

Anyway i had a weird dream this morning which i shall write in my point of view!

I and my group of friends majority all girls were standing in front of an old house just like this. It felt like a scene from the movie Jan dara ( Thai movie ).

An old came came forward with a smile and invited us all in.

“It must have been a long journey, no? ” He asked.

“Not really ” My friend said as we all walked in and was lead into the living room where a group of man greeted our sight.

We sat down opposite them and the old man came in with a paper after closing the door.

“You all know why you are here for and you will all be paired up and be put in a room together . I have already match make all of you and good luck ” The old man read the letter and told us who was going to be with who.

As you can imagine, everyone looked displeased. I was stuck with a man who i barely knew and put in a room with him. He kept looking but i didn’t mutter a single word to him. Why should i anyway?

And he on the other hand, just stood and stare at me while i sat on the bed. One of our very first mission was to get to know each other but i was being a cold and i couldn’t be bothered at all. It was so unlike me because i love getting to know people but this time, i was literally dead to everyone.

A few days later, i woke up in the middle of the night and went looking for him. weird because i had shown the least interest in him and you didn’t have to say it but everyone knew he was different from everyone because he had this weird aura around him. its like from miles away, you could know he was coming.

I went of our room and started looking everywhere for him. I went into every room in the house and getting some weird stares but i wouldn’t find him till i opened the door at the back. He was there sleeping on a mattress beside the old man. Seeing him fast asleep, i went back to our room and fell into a deep slumber. i woke up in the morning, had breakfast and took a walk in the park and went back during dinner and stayed in our room after that. I was busy watching television when he came in and stared into my eyes.

“Why is it i can’t find out anything about you? ” He asked me.

I peeled my eyes away from the tv and looked at him.

“You could have asked the girls and that one guy ” I said realizing i forgot his name and started mumbling to myself, completely ignoring him.

“I’m off to bed. I’m tired ” He said suddenly and laid on the bad trying to sleep while i was laying next to him watching TV.

I can’t remember what i was watching but my friend came bursting in and headed straight to the toilet and i look at her dumbfounded. She came out shortly and was about to tell me something when we heard a blood curling scream.

and i shall end this story here and look out for the next part,

much love,



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