not technology crippled anymore

Hello readers!

I am no longer technology crippled any more! 

well as you all remembered, my phone had the case of Monday blues and broke on me. I couldn’t even charge it nor switch it on and so i sent it to the service centre to get it fix. To my disappointment and surprise, they haven’t fix my phone because i had to pay $256 before hand to get it fix. Imagine my surprise when they told me i had to pay such a big amount. 

That is like the price of a new phone! so i took my phone back and consulted with my parents if i should spend such a large amount to get it fix because my phone contract has not ended and in Singapore, once our 2 year phone contract has ended, we can get a new phone at a discounted price. My parents said it was too much and my dad suggested re-contracting my phone line to get a new phone. We talked about the possibility and i decided to call starhub to find out if i was eligible to re-contract and trade in my phone so i can sort of get a cash rebate on the old phone. I called them up and I WAS ELIGIBLE TO RE-CONTRACT MY PHONE! OH MY GOD YES! 

so a few days later i headed down to starhub with my parents to get a new phone as my mom offered to buy one as she felt that since i was going to use my phone for school, it was her responsibility! THANK YOU MOTHER! 

So there were two phone that caught my eyes, 

samsung S4

and Sony Xperia Z

I thought both phone were super cool and i had always been a Samsung user so my first instinct was to get a Samsung phone however i heard that sony xperia Z was water resistant which i thought meant waterproof. 

both had about the same screen size, same megapixle, same android operating system but one thing that set the both apart was internal storage and water resistant. 

Samsung S4 had 18GB internal storage while song had 8G. 

I loved having the thought of a water resistant phone. Like it would be so cool to go swimming with your phone and snap pictures and text your friends in the shower and when i told the sales person that, she gave me a ridiculed looked. 

“You can’t fully soak the phone in the water. It will get spoilt. You can wash it off but not fully soak in and even if you do, 15 min max or your phone will be a goner ” 

imagine my surprise when she said this. My dreams of swimming and texting in the shower was flushed down just like that. 

One thing that made me like the s4 was Amoled screen. Comparing colours between Sony and samsung, nothing can beat Amoled screen because it is like canon, the making everything look so pretty. Graphics on a Samsung always looks the best and Sony was looking a little dull. 

It is funny to think that my grandpa who has no idea how to use a handphone except for making a call, actually played a decision in making my phone choice. He kept insisting that i take an S4 and when we told him about the benefit about the new sony phone, he still insisted the samsung and i believe with his blessing, we actually got the samsung S4 even though it costed my parents a bomb but my grandpa was the happiest among us. 

and that made me happy. 

so how is life with my new S4? 

Pretty good actually. I love everything about it and loading a video on it is so much more quicker and i would say everything is great! 

life with a smartphone is AMAZING! 

well to me anyway because i can’t survive without my smartphone and no matter how many times i convince myself, i still can’t. 

much love, 


from sammy ( my new phone) and me 🙂



You know how some music put your whole perceptive or life into words or even the situation you are facing right now? 

I honestly i would ever find such a song that would pin point my exact feeling on the situation but i did. Emotions,to me are a very complicated things. We can rarely put them into words and even if we managed too, we can’t the exact same feeling out of it. Parts will be missing and what ever you wrote are only half of what you are really feeling. 

so by chance, i was listening to the radio when Ellie Goulding newest song Explosions came on. At first listen, i didn’t give it much thought but when i put the song on repeat, it explains what i was feeling at this point of time. 

I’ve fallen from grace
Took a blow to my face
I’ve loved and I’ve lost
I’ve loved and I’ve lost

Explosions…on the day you wake up
Needing somebody and you’ve learned
It’s okay to be afraid
But it will never be the same

It will never be the same


I was the last thing on your mind
I know you better than you think
Cause it’s simple darling, I gave you a warning
Now everything you own is falling from the sky in pieces
So watch them fall with you, in slow motion
I pray that you will find peace of mind
And I’ll find you another time
I’ll love you, another time


Ellie gourdings – explosions

This part of the song felt hit me deep inside.

We loved and we lost when things don’t work our way and we become afraid of what is to come the next time. 

this song made me think of you. 

I know you are happy right now with her and i am happy for you because the last thing i want to see is you being sad. I’ve always wished for your happiness even if it meant i don’t get to talk to you any more. I wish i could go back to muay thai and sweat it out but knowing that you will always be there, i become small and distant and a little nervous? We both had our conflict and we haven’t talk since then and me being me, i get nervous and scared. 

Sometimes i get scared i’ll fall for you all over again. You have a charming smile even though you were hell as annoying but you were the water i needed to pacify my anger but now that you are gone, i have to manage on my own. 

and i believe i will be okay. 

isn’t it sad when 2 friends become stranger because one of them falls in love with someone who makes him much more happier than she can ever make him? 

much love my readers 



Macaroons rant : canele macaroons

Hello my fellow readers, i know i have been on a haitus and i have no good excuse to redeem myself. okay maybe 1 excuse, i was working and i totally screwed up this time round because i was suppose to be working this morning but i forogt and overslept and my manager was super pissed at me but i tried my best to pacify her and hopefully all will be okay.

Okay, on to rants today!

I love macaroons! like i have this strange obsession with them. Macaroons are like a constant craving for me and its is probably because i have a sweet tooth and i can’t just walk by a macaroon store and go like “Not today “. i would literally run in and go “Okay give me a box of your macaroons ”


so a few days ago, i passed by a store called Canele that sells cakes, coffee and MACAROONS!

So being me, i obviously kept eye-ing them and went ahead to buy a box of 6 different yummy flavoured macaroons which was Cookie and cream, hazelnut, caramel, tahiti vanilla, raspberry mint and fettuline or something like that.



So before i start sharing how these beauty taste like.

For some who don’t know what is macaroons, let me give you an overview.

So basically macaroon are like sweet treats, very sweet and mainly eaten for tea time back in the old days. They are like jam filling sandwiched between two soft and chewy cookies and they come in a variety of colours and flavours.

Some people don’t like them because they tend to be very sweet and very chewy and one fine example would be my mom. She dislike them because it is too sweet.


so first up, i tasted the raspberry mint because it looked really colourful and i love the fact it was raspberry with a mix on mint because i love them both.


see how yummy that is! The raspberry was way stronger than the mint and partly it is because there were additional raspberry filling inside the macaroons itself. very yummy but i wish i could have tasted the mint a bit more.


Meet cookie and cream!
It is really thick and creamy and amazingly taste like cookie and cream. Some sort like oreo actually but to me, after 2 bites, i think the thickness was too much but overall very yummy.


This is my favourite! it’s like a party in my mouth. It is caramel flavoured but here is the twist, it is salted caramel! It is super yummy and so soft and chewy! One of the favourite without a doubt!


They call this the tahiti vanilla flavoured. Not sure about the same but pretty much sure about the flavour. Best vanilla i have ever tasted. It is very rich without being too creamy. A pretty nice balance if you asked me.


i still am not sure what is this called but those brown bits at the top actually make this the only crunchy macaroon i have ever tasted! This macaroon is like a mix of chocolate and hazelnut and a very yummy combination. Both parts are in balance and none is overpowering the other.

the last one is actually hazelnut and it’s funny how i don’t have a picture of it. Must have gobbled it up because it smells great and tasted purely of hazelnut. Definitely the best one i have ever tasted so far.

my verdict on Canele :

love the macaroons! Everyone single one of them was chewy and soft and not too hard like some other macaroons i have tasted from a different brand. My recommendation would be the caramel, vanilla and hazelnut. Those really are a party in my mouth and my tummy was loving it!

and now, i gotta run off the extra sugar so i can taste more macaroons!

yes, i live to eat and i am happy about it.


much love,


Technologically crippled

Hello dear readers, 

I have been a sad girl since Monday because my phone was hit with the Monday blues and decided not to charge itself and then refuse to be switched on. 

I used to have this, a samsung galaxy S2

and now i have this , a camera-less, no wifi nor 3G nor android phone 

I called this the NS phone because in singapore army, you aren’t allowed to bring in a smartphone nor a camera phone hence the name. 

so why am i technologically crippled? 

simple, won’t you be? 

I mean i am so used to having a smartphone around. I use my phone for everything! Playing games, making calls, sending sms, whatsapp-ing people who does not understand the meaning of responding to an sms, checking emails on the go, even doing online shopping through my phone and not to mention doing research and Power-point when the school internet is down and of course instagram and twitter and not forgetting 9gag. I use my phone for everything and now when i’m stuck with an NS phone which has a small screen, no wifi no android, no nothing! 

Does it make my life tougher? 

Of course it does! now i can’t check things on the go any-more! I can’t google which bus service goes to where, what time the bus will come and it is annoying me because i feel like i can’t do anything! 

but this also made me realize how dependant i am on my smartphone. How dependant i am on technology just to get by the day and because i am moaning and groaning away, i didn’t think about the alternatives! 

for example, if i want to check 9gag or twitter, i can use my laptop and yes, i can use my laptop to do everything that i usually do and the only difference is, practically nothing actually because you can skype from your laptop to call people, take photo and so on. and if i ever need the internet, i can just pop by Starbucks and get free wifi. 

and so i realized i am not that technologically crippled anymore and maybe the NS phone ain’t so bad. I’ll be reliving my childhood again where the phone was made simple and not complicated. 

and beside, i’ll probably get my phone by thursday or slightly later but hopefully within this week so i’ll managed with the NS phone. At least it gets the basic  done like sms and calls. 

but i am still going to whine about the loss of my smartphone because isn’t that what we all do? 

Much love, 


Click for the most hilarious, relatable gifs.

rants : my unless brother

Hello dear readers, how are you today? 

i hope your day went better than mine. Today is a horrible day! Firstly, my Samsung phone is spoilt and can only be collected on Thursday and the service centre haven’t gotten back to me how much it is going to cost me ( Why can’t money grow on tree! ) and my brother is annoying the crap out of me and my family. 

You see, my brother doesn’t live with me any more because of a conflict between him and my dad. They disagreed and my dad threw him out expecting my brother to apologise and my dad was willing to let him come back but no, in order to save his stupid ego, he left the house and found a new family and started living with them. Live was okay till he went into prison and we  visited him all the time and when he came out on tagging, he lived at our place till he decided to cut off his tagging just 3 days after he has been out. we were disappointed and hell upset because it has only been 3 days and you just had to do it. tagging was only for 6 months but that idiot couldn’t take it. 

He went back into prison and when he finally came out, he went back to his new family and things were rough for him and when he asked to borrowed money from us, we would give because he needed financial support as he has not gotten a job yet but now when this fucker actually has a job, he is still asking me for money. At first, i pitied him and kept giving but now  this asshole has taken advantage of that and keeps asking money more and more frequent. 

When i ask him when he wants to pay me back all my savings money i lent to him, he keep saying when he has gotten his pay but guess what, it has been a year and he has not given me any of my money back and he is asking for more money. see how thick skin he is? 

He is already owing me so much money and now he has the cheek to ask my parents for money because he knows he owe me alot of money and when my parents said no, he calls them stingy and is now throwing unreasonable curses at them and calling them all sorts of foul name. 

This fucker really needs to be killed. Your parents took your adopted ass in and this is how you choose to repay them? Maybe your sorry ass should have been left at that abusive household. Just because of 20 dollar, he has become a monster who does not know how to pay his debt, lost respect for the very people who save him and really just needs to be taught a lesson. 

I have given him wayy to much face and now i have to stand firm against him because if i don’t, he will keep stepping on us and i want him, need him to change to have a sense of responsibility. 

anyway sorry for the angry and depressing post, i just had to let it out. 

much love, 


Judo eyecandy

Eyecandy is basically a term for someone who is visually appealing to you or someone who makes you all giggly and shy out of the blue and these people are basically strangers.

unless you make them your friends but won’t that be called a crush or is an eyecandy and a crush the same?

anyway forget that and lets move on to my new eyecandy.

I saw him in judo class and my friend is telling me that he is my judo captain which i’m not really sure because i wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying and i was telling myself how cute he was.

i need to address something here, there are 2 kinds of eyecandy that crosses people mind.

first, your unrealistic expectation

yes, chuck bass is my unrealistic expectation of the ultimate eyecandy because HE IS CHUCK BASS

and secondly, your realistic eyecandy who actually makes you shy and all giggly when you see him and you would literally melt in his presence and his smile just makes you swoon. now your realistic eyecandy, he might not even be as good looking as chuck bass or zac efron, he could be your regular joe down the street or that kid who sits at the back of the class or that kid whose constantly drawing and not paying attention to anyone or someone who works at your place and yes, your girlfriends are probably going to tell you “That is your taste? girl, get your eye check ” or ” He is a no! A hell no! ” but does it really matter?

When i saw my eyecandy, he really looks like a plain joe and he has such a cute puppy face that i want too squish! He fights and there is just something about him that makes him so appealing to me and yes, my girls were telling me he was okay, nothing special but to me, he was something and

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter because you know how you feel and at this point of time, you don’t care what people think but you would kill just to talk to him and see him smile when he says your name and when that happens, nothing, nothing in the world  anyone can say that can make the moment less special.

of course unless it’s your mom calling. That is a real moment ruin-er.

much love my readers,


rants : it’s my choice.

Hello my fellow readers,

how has your week been? Pretty sure some of you might say meh : could have been better and some could say it was good and some might have had the worst week yet but worry not, a new week is coming and THIS IS SPARTAAAA

hahahah sorry no link but i have been using it as reference to many things because i can and because it makes everything much more cooler and fun.

anyway remember my post about decisions and it was a tie between judo and modern dance? Well i have decided and i am going to go with JUDO!

so why judo and not modern dance?

well imagine this, on Monday  you struggled for like 2 hours plus trying to catch up with all the dance and footworks and you keep telling yourselves not to give up because you believe if everyone can do this, so could you. Wednesday comes along and it was time for judo tryouts. you started with a dog and bone game to break the ice.

For those who ain’t sure what dog and bone is, it basically a game where you put an item in the middle of 2 teams, each person labels themselves as a number and the game master will call out 2 names like example ” 13 and 5 ” and those who are that number will run into the centre to get the item and run back before getting caught by the opposing team and if you don’t get my explanation, perhaps youtube can help?

After fun and games, warm up session and you get straight down to lesson and you feel a familiar adrenalin rush that’s causing your heart to beat so hard and fast and the next thing you know, your already sweating a bunch yet you love this feeling, you feel comforted by it and at the end of class, you smile to yourselves even though you have been kicked in the ribs, you slammed your head and it hurts and you are beyond exhausted but the bottom line is YOU LOVE IT and that is why i choose judo. Because i love it and i know i can do this even though everything is so new an unfamiliar.

anyway a funny incident happened, in judo, it is important to learn how to break your fall and i totally sucked at it. I really can’t do it and i get annoyed with myself wondering why can’t i do such a simple thing but my senior would always tell me to take it easy and slowly learn. So we were doing this move where he would flip me and i would break my fall but after 3 times, he decided to show me and asked me to throw him. Now here is the thing,

 this is how our judo GI looks like and you see that amount of skin showing? ohyeah!

Anyway instead of grabbing the front of his Gi, i grabbed his shoulder was about to throw him when he placed my hands at the front of his Gi and told me to throw him and i was hesitant and he went like “its okay, i will be okay ” So when i grasp the front of his Gi, my fingers accidently brush against his bare chest and it was so hard trying to keep a straight face when on the inside i was like this

and i remember biting my lips after he left and my friend kept nudging me and told me to wipe that grin off my face! and here i will defend myself saying ” i wasn’t really enjoying it. His GI was open like that ” and of course she didn’t buy it but life is good, life is suddenly much better.

anyway will update again once i get my GI and update on my judo test soon!

much love,


Tv show rants : Elementary

A few days ago, i stumble upon a show called elementary. I decided to download it and gave it a good even though i was very sceptical it was going to be as good as BBC sherlock holmes. That show is literally the best to me because i just love it! 



So elementary introduces Sherlock holmes played by Jonny lee miller as a recovering drug addict and Joan watson played by lucy lui who has been assigned to sherlock by his father to be his sober companion. Now there is going to be confusion here because if you ever watch any version of sherlock holmes, his partner is originally John watson, a recovered war veteran but elementary added a twist to it. John became joan watson, an ex surgeon who quitted her job after a patient died and changed her profession into a sober companion and was assigned to Sherlock holmes who moved from Britain to america and is a consulting detective with the NYPD. 

so in summary, Joan watson becomes Sherlock holmes sober companion, tries to make sure he does not relapse and observe the triggers and warns him. Sherlock being Sherlock  witty and brainy and awesome as usual and Lucy lui ended up staying with Sherlock even though Sherlock father terminated her contract and this is a good thing because when Sherlock found out, joan watson became his assistant and a consulting detective as well. 

now where does irene adler come in? Irene adler is an iconic figure in Sherlock holmes and in elementary, Irene adler was killer by a killer who calls himself by the name M but surprise surprise, she is still alive and played by this lovely women, 

I actually didn’t like her at first because i thought Sherlock and Watson look really good together and i wanted them to be together and when she was brought back to life, i am not a happy camper but thank you writer’s of elementary because the twist on her was superbly unexpected! In elementary, Irene adler was suppose to be dead but after Moriarty made a phone call to sherlock and a bargain if sherlock were to expose the actual killer for this episode, Moriarty will tell sherlock all the answer he is seeking for. Sherlock was tempted and the games began. Irene was actually captured and when sherlock found her, she was highly traumatised and i swear her acting was that good and convincing that you will actually pitied her until you know what she is capable off. 

I would have never imagine it in a million years! That was honestly the highlight of the whole show! so if you want to know what surprising twist am i talking about, please take a chance and watch 🙂 you will love the twist and will be wanting a second season like me to see if joan and sherlock ends up together! 

I admit you can’t compare BBC sherlock holmes to elementary even though they both carry the same element but each story has their own twist and that is their charm. I recommend both shows to anyone who wants adventure and witty humour and not forgetting, sexy British accent. God, i just love their accent! 


and did i mention that the ladies in this show are way smarter than the guys? 

and a major spoiler, 

Moriarty is her. 

much love, 



ps, part of me is hoping Moriarty isn’t really her because well, she got sloppy or willing but then again, the twist had me mind-blown! 

moving along : tryouts and thoughts

Hello readers! thank you for taking your time to read my humble post and i may not be that good of a writer but i am learning and trying. It is hard to capture someone’s attention for a long period of time especially when you have plenty of word in them but too many picture doesn’t tell the full story so to every single write put there or at least inspiring, i applaud you, i salute you because as i have found out, writing is no easy task and it must be done with passion for it if not, there post would feel incomplete.

anyway today’s post is tittle, moving along. I wanted to type out moving on but i did a post on that and didn’t want to get confused. After my guy friend so willingly left me for the girl he is in love with, i started getting my life back on track. It is not easy but giving up is also not an option. Tell me, what is the use going back to someone who wouldn’t care about you? To me, all that is unnecessary stress factor that can be avoided. It is not easy really, waiting for a single text or even a tweet to show he is still thinking about you, giving up all those nonsensical chats and being the volcano when he is your water. It is hard but i can’t turn back.

so yesterday, i and a few of my friends went for modern dance try-outs  Modern dance in my school is a mix of ballet technique and contemporary jazz. Training was tough because in my 20 years living experience, i have never did ballet before and yesterday was the first time and it was super hard but the dance and the music is so beautiful, so graceful that i fell in love with it but after 2 years worth of muay thai training, it is a hard pick because i am so used to fighting and changing what i am so used to, it is definitely not easy and i really need to consider this

And tomorrow, i have judo try-outs and from there, i will make my choice. If i meant to be back in the martial arts, i won’t hesitate but if i am heading for the modern dance, i got to practice for my auditions and will have to work really hard to keep up with everyone but i believe with passion, everything will be a-okay 🙂


much love,


when the chance came along

Because above all else, you will regret that you didn’t love people when you had the chance. Once they’re gone (whether literally or they’re just not in your life anymore) you’ll realize how wonderful it was to have that person around, you’ll start romanticizing every memory of them and you’ll start to miss them. Really, really miss them. You know when this is at it’s worst? When you didn’t love them while you had the chance.

while reading through, which is starting to become my favourite pastime now, i swear their post are amazing, superbly well written and it felt easy for me to relate too, i chance upon this and my mind started thinking.

Will i regret i didn’t love people when i had the chance?

Actually i found out this answer along time ago.

Yes, i will regret and have regretted but there is nothing i can do because i was the one who decided to let it go, to let the opportunity pass and i only have myself to blame.  I wasn’t a popular kid but i did have my fair share of suitors. They loved me and accepted me but it was i who ran away from them. It was me who told them ” your are amazing but i’m not for you ” ” I’m sorry but i don’t want this ” and many other excuses all because i was afraid of the commitment. I have always been the free bird, the one who would change when she was locked in. my ex boyfriend was hell for me. He didn’t hit me nor abuse me but he was the kind that loved giving me 5 minute report, always asking where was i and getting defensive over little things like me hang with my guy friends and he would spam my phone till it would crash and when i told him i was asleep, he still kept calling and spamming. It was hard for me because i felt like someone just caged me in and i felt like i was drowning. I couldn’t breathe at all. I tried to make it work until i found out he was trying to cheat on me and i left. I felt like that was my window of escaped. He used to always tell me he loved me to the point that it would be in every sms, did i feel it was sincere? At first yeah but after a while, nope. It felt like it was just words with no meaning.

But maybe, its not that i’m afraid of the commitment but i’m afraid of the change. This guy D, he used to adore me and he was lovely, hard headed but we could have make it work. I was convinced if the whole world turned against me, i was certain he would stand by me but things changed when he wanted us to be a couple. My response ” is status really everything? ” I said and he didn’t asked about it again. He presumed i wasn’t ready and maybe i wasn’t ready and yes, we did have our rough patches where we would fight but at the end of the day, get together again because we simply needed each other. Yet the changes i saw in him was drastic. We had a big fight and the next thing i knew, he was back to old habits and i found out about a girl he was contacting after the fight. I confronted him and things went really sour. I asked him what was the meaning of all this, he said he wanted to change but i see nothing and you know what he told me, “You aren’t even my girlfriend, just some girl ” it felt like a slap across my face. I remember trying my hardest not to cry that night. my last parting words to him ” To me, status meant nothing because as long as we had each other, status was just a label. “

Because of this, i grew wary, the only guy who i could see a future with, left me just like that because of status.

much love,