Hello may, 

This month will be a busy and hopefully a fruitful month for me. 

I have so many events going on and yesterday was the first time i went back to work. 

Working in the service industry, to be honest, there is nothing easy. It really gets tough and challenging. Yes there are happy moment and there are frustrating moment and there are moments that will break you and also change your belief. 

In Singapore, yesterday, which was a Wednesday  was a public holiday also know as labour day. Now, this is one of the most dreaded day in the service line mainly F&B line which i am currently working in as a part-time. 

Mainly because 50% of Singaporean and foreigners are out and about and causing queue everywhere and it was so tiring! Do you just hate those sudden rush hour where people see a queue and are tempted to join as well! In our minds, its like “Don’t you people wanna go home and roll around in bed? ” 


but instead customer are like 


and every time i see a queue at the counter, i’m like 

but you really have to thank your colleagues for helping you out during the rush hour because in a way or another, everyone shares the stress and burden together and although your day might have gone like superbly horrible and the customer in front of you might be a bitch, smile because your colleagues got your back and trust me, bitching with them at time will make your day better because most probably they are going to joke about it and inside jokes are the best! 

I am grateful that my store has amazing people and i am blessed. 

So to all those working in the service line in any upcoming holiday, chin up my loves! You can do this and think of the money if you really feel that demoralized. At least you guys can go Shopping! Retail therapy always work and so what if they make you guilty after a while. At least your happy 🙂 

( but please don’t be a shopaholic  like me ) 

Much love, 


I shall ends this with some motivational pictures, 

oh i’m sorry, i thought Katy Perry was motivational. hehe


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