swim away with me

I simply love swimming, especially in the pool. To me, there is a sense of clarity, peace and tranquillity when i swim. I honestly feel at peace and i feel happy.

But if we are talking about the ocean, now that is a scary thing because that is a beautiful disaster waiting to happen. I nearly got swept away at sea once and till now, i rather head to the pool.

Ever since i was in primary 1 till primary 5/6 which i do believe it is elementary school in other places, i have always been swimming. That was why from a fair me, i grew so tan and got an earful from my mom because i used to be as fair as her but now, i’m as tan as my dad!

i was always begging my dad to take me to swimming lesson. To me, it was my pride and joy. I felt happy in the water. I felt freedom, i felt peace, it was my escape but i stopped swimming as i grew into a teen. I guess partly it was because people were telling me how tan i was and somehow i started putting on weight which alot of people were telling me to start running instead of swimming.

So in the final year of primary school or elementary, i took up sports like Track & Field. For 6 months, all i did was to run. My training days were like 2 times a week but it grew more and i started having breathing difficulties not long after. I started having wheezing sounds in my chest and we went to the doctors, they told me i had to start taking care of my health or i can get asthma. I guess my mom got frighten because we have a family history of asthma and she made me quit.

but now that i am older, swimming is a beautiful escape. To feel the water lifting you up and going through your finger, its an amazing feeling. it’s freedom, the water doesn’t serve to be a barrier yet somewhat a support actually. To me, this is a simply joy in life, one of the things we overlook. In this life, we are always chasing after time we forget things that we love, hobbies that we enjoyed thoroughly when we were young and carefree, we start getting caught up with chasing time.

Stop for a min, make time for yourself and let out that pent up emotion that you struggled so hard to suppress.
Breathe, go for a run, go for a swim, do whatever makes you happy and please, don’t let the bottled up emotion get the better of you alright?

Much love,


and i thought there was something cute about this!

<br />
“Rep my team”<br />

Alright, alright i’m going!


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