remember what?

day 7 of may and i am official wanting to kill everyone or majority of the people i come into contact with because they are annoying the life out of me.

or then again maybe it was just me feeling that way because yesterday car ride was basically 

“burn-able, i’ll burn you so bad you wish you didn’t annoy me, i would burn that, deserved to be burn , no doubt. Burn, burn burn” 

okay yes, it’s just me but hey i am forced to have 7 sadistic pain-filled days! 

and honestly, you all must be thinking i look like this

so anyway the tittle says it all! 

I am really  very bad at remember things. So bad to the point that my friends call me a goldfish because apparently “Goldfish memory can old last about 3 second. Yeaps, sounds like you ” 

Insulted, pretty much. is it a fact? frankly yes. 

and so the name got stuck on but now i found some article saying goldfish memory can last for 5 month! which is bad because i can hardly remember what i had for breakfast which i believe i didn’t have anything but i did have a burger, not sure if that was breakfast or lunch though.

anyway my memory of remembering stuff is so bad to the point that i actually forgot my own password for my social sites including twitter, tumblr, instagram and yes, even wordpress and when i reset my password key in the one password that i would think i could remember, this pop out. 

“Password has been previously used. ” 


yes, my brain fails me and it even failed me when i can’t remember my own way home and end up calling my mom for direction which she told me to stop joking and hang up the phone on me. I was petrified and ending up using goggle maps to get my way home which sounded pathetic actually. 

I am also very bad at names and faces sometimes it is insulting. Apparently a few days ago in class, i met a new friend and made her repeat her name 4-5 times throughout the day and the worst part when we had the same lesson again, i totally forgot her name and had to ask her about another 4-5 times again. another incident was when i was heading to class and got into the same lift as this girl who tried talking to me and i entertained her and we got off on the same level and i quickly walked to class because 1) i wanted to avoid her 2) my friend was annoying me telling me to get to class faster and once i got into the class, i sat down and a few seconds later, the same girl came into the class and took a seat in the other team. I nearly wanted to slap myself. 

the only time to save an awkward moment would be when my friends are around. when people come up and talk to us, i normally entertained them before turning to my friend and asking them “Do we know them? Who? When? Name? ” and they would normally fill me in and making me go 


anyway enough ranting for now, 

much love, 


and if anyone decide to annoy you today, just say


and release your inner Moriarty! 


god, i am such a Sherlock Holmes  fangirl. 


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