A trip to the doctors.

Anyway after blood donation, i took a trip to the doctors because i had to get mc for school and because my tummy was starting to hurt me and i was sure it wasn’t my PMS cramps. 


and so, the doctor gave me this 3 medication and told me i had a stomach inflammation that why i had this burning feeling and uncomfortable-ness. As quoted ” A sore throat you can see but a sore tummy on the other hand is very hard to see and can get very bad ” Although the doctor kept shaking his leg and talked really fast, it could be because he wanted to go home as it was past office hours and he was still stuck in the clinic, he actually gave me good advice. 

So why did i get a stomach inflammation? 

As quoted ” Your tummy is upset with you, you either ate something wrong which i have no idea what or you are at the wrong timing. it is upset with you that why it hurts ” and i though this was amusing because the doctor felt like a friend unlike government subsidized polyclinic which has a tendency to talk medical jargon( Medical term) with you and make you confused as hell but this guy, he was good. He explained why i was in pain and he told me to take good care because our stomach are important and if it leads to long term inflammation or i start releasing faeces with blood, i have to be rushed to the hospital. 


I am sorry to compare government subsidized polyclinic to privately owned clinic but i have to make a point here, you pay for the service you want. Honestly GS clinic have it way harder because of the amount of people they face but that is because they are Government subsidized and cheaper but if you want something fast and don’t wish to wait for over 2 hours, you have to pay more and go to a PO clinic. They are faster and will likely listen to you more because the doctor to patient ratio isn’t as bad. 

So anyway i have an appointment with him next Wednesday in hopes my stomach is okay if not, he is going to put something in my stomach to ensure it is okay and no stomach ulcers are found. And my diet, no tea and coffee for the next 2 weeks and if i feel pain, eat a piece of bread and nothing else till it’s time for dinner than i will eat as normal and don’t forget the pills! 


Wish me luck!

much love, 



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