blood donation!

So for the first time in a very long while, i decided to go and do a blood donation and i was excited!

Okay, basically in Singapore, we have something that is called a blood donation. Blood donation is when a healthy person voluntarily has blood drawn and used to save lives! and i am pretty sure that every where or majority of the world’s countries has something like this.

My first time donation blood was when i was coming to 18 and i did it out of good will because apparently it came out in the news that the blood bank in singapore were facing a shortage of blood supply and is appealing people to come forward and donate. I took a chance and went for it with my parent’s permission as in Singapore, if you are below 18, you need your parents consent and you have to be 21 to sign the consent yourselves.

so after the regular registration, filling out questionnaire, a quick trip to the doctor on site which will take your blood pressure, temperature and explain regarding the questionnaire, if all is well, you will be given the clear sign and go to another room to check the amount of iron in your blood. if the iron is above 12.5, you are allowed to donate.

blood donar card

(My donor card)

It is intimidating when you have a needle that size ( shown in the picture ) in your arm and if it wasn’t for the aesthetics injection beforehand,   you would have already been screaming in pain but you know what’s the best part, having the healthcare provider around you and making you feel comfortable and trying their best to comfort you and trust me, the needle isn’t that bad. It actually doesn’t hurt.


anyhow, i was given the all clear sign till the iron in my blood testing. Mine was only 12.3 and i was rejected which was super disappointing because this isn’t my first time getting rejected. It been way to often because the iron in my blood has never been more than 12.6, the lowest was 7.5 around there? so i was disappointed and trying not to sulk like a spoilt brat while my friend was able to donate. I was angsty tweeting but i finally calmed down and told myself not to give in up on blood donation and try again after 2 weeks because the system locked me out (asshole)

but on a greater note!


I have gotten a medal for my 5th donation which means i have helped 15 lives! hehehe. Apparently i didn’t know we had this system by where your first donation, you get a medal, your 5th donation you get another medal and your 10th donation, you get another medal.


You could imagine how stoked i was when i got the medal. It was such a nice thing for the blood bank to do for people who regularly came to donate blood. It serves as a motivation for us to come back and keep helping.

So fellow reader, take a chance and help save someone’s life. Your blood could help a total stranger or even your family member, we may never know and if you feel afraid, grab a buddy who has the same intention as you. It helps and you both can be each other support!

The first time is always the hardest but it is definitely a life changing decision.

much love,



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