moving along : tryouts and thoughts

Hello readers! thank you for taking your time to read my humble post and i may not be that good of a writer but i am learning and trying. It is hard to capture someone’s attention for a long period of time especially when you have plenty of word in them but too many picture doesn’t tell the full story so to every single write put there or at least inspiring, i applaud you, i salute you because as i have found out, writing is no easy task and it must be done with passion for it if not, there post would feel incomplete.

anyway today’s post is tittle, moving along. I wanted to type out moving on but i did a post on that and didn’t want to get confused. After my guy friend so willingly left me for the girl he is in love with, i started getting my life back on track. It is not easy but giving up is also not an option. Tell me, what is the use going back to someone who wouldn’t care about you? To me, all that is unnecessary stress factor that can be avoided. It is not easy really, waiting for a single text or even a tweet to show he is still thinking about you, giving up all those nonsensical chats and being the volcano when he is your water. It is hard but i can’t turn back.

so yesterday, i and a few of my friends went for modern dance try-outs  Modern dance in my school is a mix of ballet technique and contemporary jazz. Training was tough because in my 20 years living experience, i have never did ballet before and yesterday was the first time and it was super hard but the dance and the music is so beautiful, so graceful that i fell in love with it but after 2 years worth of muay thai training, it is a hard pick because i am so used to fighting and changing what i am so used to, it is definitely not easy and i really need to consider this

And tomorrow, i have judo try-outs and from there, i will make my choice. If i meant to be back in the martial arts, i won’t hesitate but if i am heading for the modern dance, i got to practice for my auditions and will have to work really hard to keep up with everyone but i believe with passion, everything will be a-okay 🙂


much love,



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