Tv show rants : Elementary

A few days ago, i stumble upon a show called elementary. I decided to download it and gave it a good even though i was very sceptical it was going to be as good as BBC sherlock holmes. That show is literally the best to me because i just love it! 



So elementary introduces Sherlock holmes played by Jonny lee miller as a recovering drug addict and Joan watson played by lucy lui who has been assigned to sherlock by his father to be his sober companion. Now there is going to be confusion here because if you ever watch any version of sherlock holmes, his partner is originally John watson, a recovered war veteran but elementary added a twist to it. John became joan watson, an ex surgeon who quitted her job after a patient died and changed her profession into a sober companion and was assigned to Sherlock holmes who moved from Britain to america and is a consulting detective with the NYPD. 

so in summary, Joan watson becomes Sherlock holmes sober companion, tries to make sure he does not relapse and observe the triggers and warns him. Sherlock being Sherlock  witty and brainy and awesome as usual and Lucy lui ended up staying with Sherlock even though Sherlock father terminated her contract and this is a good thing because when Sherlock found out, joan watson became his assistant and a consulting detective as well. 

now where does irene adler come in? Irene adler is an iconic figure in Sherlock holmes and in elementary, Irene adler was killer by a killer who calls himself by the name M but surprise surprise, she is still alive and played by this lovely women, 

I actually didn’t like her at first because i thought Sherlock and Watson look really good together and i wanted them to be together and when she was brought back to life, i am not a happy camper but thank you writer’s of elementary because the twist on her was superbly unexpected! In elementary, Irene adler was suppose to be dead but after Moriarty made a phone call to sherlock and a bargain if sherlock were to expose the actual killer for this episode, Moriarty will tell sherlock all the answer he is seeking for. Sherlock was tempted and the games began. Irene was actually captured and when sherlock found her, she was highly traumatised and i swear her acting was that good and convincing that you will actually pitied her until you know what she is capable off. 

I would have never imagine it in a million years! That was honestly the highlight of the whole show! so if you want to know what surprising twist am i talking about, please take a chance and watch 🙂 you will love the twist and will be wanting a second season like me to see if joan and sherlock ends up together! 

I admit you can’t compare BBC sherlock holmes to elementary even though they both carry the same element but each story has their own twist and that is their charm. I recommend both shows to anyone who wants adventure and witty humour and not forgetting, sexy British accent. God, i just love their accent! 


and did i mention that the ladies in this show are way smarter than the guys? 

and a major spoiler, 

Moriarty is her. 

much love, 



ps, part of me is hoping Moriarty isn’t really her because well, she got sloppy or willing but then again, the twist had me mind-blown! 


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