Judo eyecandy

Eyecandy is basically a term for someone who is visually appealing to you or someone who makes you all giggly and shy out of the blue and these people are basically strangers.

unless you make them your friends but won’t that be called a crush or is an eyecandy and a crush the same?

anyway forget that and lets move on to my new eyecandy.

I saw him in judo class and my friend is telling me that he is my judo captain which i’m not really sure because i wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying and i was telling myself how cute he was.

i need to address something here, there are 2 kinds of eyecandy that crosses people mind.

first, your unrealistic expectation

yes, chuck bass is my unrealistic expectation of the ultimate eyecandy because HE IS CHUCK BASS

and secondly, your realistic eyecandy who actually makes you shy and all giggly when you see him and you would literally melt in his presence and his smile just makes you swoon. now your realistic eyecandy, he might not even be as good looking as chuck bass or zac efron, he could be your regular joe down the street or that kid who sits at the back of the class or that kid whose constantly drawing and not paying attention to anyone or someone who works at your place and yes, your girlfriends are probably going to tell you “That is your taste? girl, get your eye check ” or ” He is a no! A hell no! ” but does it really matter?

When i saw my eyecandy, he really looks like a plain joe and he has such a cute puppy face that i want too squish! He fights and there is just something about him that makes him so appealing to me and yes, my girls were telling me he was okay, nothing special but to me, he was something and

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter because you know how you feel and at this point of time, you don’t care what people think but you would kill just to talk to him and see him smile when he says your name and when that happens, nothing, nothing in the world  anyone can say that can make the moment less special.

of course unless it’s your mom calling. That is a real moment ruin-er.

much love my readers,



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