rants : it’s my choice.

Hello my fellow readers,

how has your week been? Pretty sure some of you might say meh : could have been better and some could say it was good and some might have had the worst week yet but worry not, a new week is coming and THIS IS SPARTAAAA

hahahah sorry no link but i have been using it as reference to many things because i can and because it makes everything much more cooler and fun.

anyway remember my post about decisions and it was a tie between judo and modern dance? Well i have decided and i am going to go with JUDO!

so why judo and not modern dance?

well imagine this, on Monday  you struggled for like 2 hours plus trying to catch up with all the dance and footworks and you keep telling yourselves not to give up because you believe if everyone can do this, so could you. Wednesday comes along and it was time for judo tryouts. you started with a dog and bone game to break the ice.

For those who ain’t sure what dog and bone is, it basically a game where you put an item in the middle of 2 teams, each person labels themselves as a number and the game master will call out 2 names like example ” 13 and 5 ” and those who are that number will run into the centre to get the item and run back before getting caught by the opposing team and if you don’t get my explanation, perhaps youtube can help?

After fun and games, warm up session and you get straight down to lesson and you feel a familiar adrenalin rush that’s causing your heart to beat so hard and fast and the next thing you know, your already sweating a bunch yet you love this feeling, you feel comforted by it and at the end of class, you smile to yourselves even though you have been kicked in the ribs, you slammed your head and it hurts and you are beyond exhausted but the bottom line is YOU LOVE IT and that is why i choose judo. Because i love it and i know i can do this even though everything is so new an unfamiliar.

anyway a funny incident happened, in judo, it is important to learn how to break your fall and i totally sucked at it. I really can’t do it and i get annoyed with myself wondering why can’t i do such a simple thing but my senior would always tell me to take it easy and slowly learn. So we were doing this move where he would flip me and i would break my fall but after 3 times, he decided to show me and asked me to throw him. Now here is the thing,

 this is how our judo GI looks like and you see that amount of skin showing? ohyeah!

Anyway instead of grabbing the front of his Gi, i grabbed his shoulder was about to throw him when he placed my hands at the front of his Gi and told me to throw him and i was hesitant and he went like “its okay, i will be okay ” So when i grasp the front of his Gi, my fingers accidently brush against his bare chest and it was so hard trying to keep a straight face when on the inside i was like this

and i remember biting my lips after he left and my friend kept nudging me and told me to wipe that grin off my face! and here i will defend myself saying ” i wasn’t really enjoying it. His GI was open like that ” and of course she didn’t buy it but life is good, life is suddenly much better.

anyway will update again once i get my GI and update on my judo test soon!

much love,



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