rants : my unless brother

Hello dear readers, how are you today? 

i hope your day went better than mine. Today is a horrible day! Firstly, my Samsung phone is spoilt and can only be collected on Thursday and the service centre haven’t gotten back to me how much it is going to cost me ( Why can’t money grow on tree! ) and my brother is annoying the crap out of me and my family. 

You see, my brother doesn’t live with me any more because of a conflict between him and my dad. They disagreed and my dad threw him out expecting my brother to apologise and my dad was willing to let him come back but no, in order to save his stupid ego, he left the house and found a new family and started living with them. Live was okay till he went into prison and we  visited him all the time and when he came out on tagging, he lived at our place till he decided to cut off his tagging just 3 days after he has been out. we were disappointed and hell upset because it has only been 3 days and you just had to do it. tagging was only for 6 months but that idiot couldn’t take it. 

He went back into prison and when he finally came out, he went back to his new family and things were rough for him and when he asked to borrowed money from us, we would give because he needed financial support as he has not gotten a job yet but now when this fucker actually has a job, he is still asking me for money. At first, i pitied him and kept giving but now  this asshole has taken advantage of that and keeps asking money more and more frequent. 

When i ask him when he wants to pay me back all my savings money i lent to him, he keep saying when he has gotten his pay but guess what, it has been a year and he has not given me any of my money back and he is asking for more money. see how thick skin he is? 

He is already owing me so much money and now he has the cheek to ask my parents for money because he knows he owe me alot of money and when my parents said no, he calls them stingy and is now throwing unreasonable curses at them and calling them all sorts of foul name. 

This fucker really needs to be killed. Your parents took your adopted ass in and this is how you choose to repay them? Maybe your sorry ass should have been left at that abusive household. Just because of 20 dollar, he has become a monster who does not know how to pay his debt, lost respect for the very people who save him and really just needs to be taught a lesson. 

I have given him wayy to much face and now i have to stand firm against him because if i don’t, he will keep stepping on us and i want him, need him to change to have a sense of responsibility. 

anyway sorry for the angry and depressing post, i just had to let it out. 

much love, 



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