Technologically crippled

Hello dear readers, 

I have been a sad girl since Monday because my phone was hit with the Monday blues and decided not to charge itself and then refuse to be switched on. 

I used to have this, a samsung galaxy S2

and now i have this , a camera-less, no wifi nor 3G nor android phone 

I called this the NS phone because in singapore army, you aren’t allowed to bring in a smartphone nor a camera phone hence the name. 

so why am i technologically crippled? 

simple, won’t you be? 

I mean i am so used to having a smartphone around. I use my phone for everything! Playing games, making calls, sending sms, whatsapp-ing people who does not understand the meaning of responding to an sms, checking emails on the go, even doing online shopping through my phone and not to mention doing research and Power-point when the school internet is down and of course instagram and twitter and not forgetting 9gag. I use my phone for everything and now when i’m stuck with an NS phone which has a small screen, no wifi no android, no nothing! 

Does it make my life tougher? 

Of course it does! now i can’t check things on the go any-more! I can’t google which bus service goes to where, what time the bus will come and it is annoying me because i feel like i can’t do anything! 

but this also made me realize how dependant i am on my smartphone. How dependant i am on technology just to get by the day and because i am moaning and groaning away, i didn’t think about the alternatives! 

for example, if i want to check 9gag or twitter, i can use my laptop and yes, i can use my laptop to do everything that i usually do and the only difference is, practically nothing actually because you can skype from your laptop to call people, take photo and so on. and if i ever need the internet, i can just pop by Starbucks and get free wifi. 

and so i realized i am not that technologically crippled anymore and maybe the NS phone ain’t so bad. I’ll be reliving my childhood again where the phone was made simple and not complicated. 

and beside, i’ll probably get my phone by thursday or slightly later but hopefully within this week so i’ll managed with the NS phone. At least it gets the basic  done like sms and calls. 

but i am still going to whine about the loss of my smartphone because isn’t that what we all do? 

Much love, 


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