Macaroons rant : canele macaroons

Hello my fellow readers, i know i have been on a haitus and i have no good excuse to redeem myself. okay maybe 1 excuse, i was working and i totally screwed up this time round because i was suppose to be working this morning but i forogt and overslept and my manager was super pissed at me but i tried my best to pacify her and hopefully all will be okay.

Okay, on to rants today!

I love macaroons! like i have this strange obsession with them. Macaroons are like a constant craving for me and its is probably because i have a sweet tooth and i can’t just walk by a macaroon store and go like “Not today “. i would literally run in and go “Okay give me a box of your macaroons ”


so a few days ago, i passed by a store called Canele that sells cakes, coffee and MACAROONS!

So being me, i obviously kept eye-ing them and went ahead to buy a box of 6 different yummy flavoured macaroons which was Cookie and cream, hazelnut, caramel, tahiti vanilla, raspberry mint and fettuline or something like that.



So before i start sharing how these beauty taste like.

For some who don’t know what is macaroons, let me give you an overview.

So basically macaroon are like sweet treats, very sweet and mainly eaten for tea time back in the old days. They are like jamĀ filling sandwiched between two soft and chewy cookies and they come in a variety of colours and flavours.

Some people don’t like them because they tend to be very sweet and very chewy and one fine example would be my mom. She dislike them because it is too sweet.


so first up, i tasted the raspberry mint because it looked really colourful and i love the fact it was raspberry with a mix on mint because i love them both.


see how yummy that is! The raspberry was way stronger than the mint and partly it is because there were additional raspberry filling inside the macaroons itself. very yummy but i wish i could have tasted the mint a bit more.


Meet cookie and cream!
It is really thick and creamy and amazingly taste like cookie and cream. Some sort like oreo actually but to me, after 2 bites, i think the thickness was too much but overall very yummy.


This is my favourite! it’s like a party in my mouth. It is caramel flavoured but here is the twist, it is salted caramel! It is super yummy and so soft and chewy! One of the favourite without a doubt!


They call this the tahiti vanilla flavoured. Not sure about the same but pretty much sure about the flavour. Best vanilla i have ever tasted. It is very rich without being too creamy. A pretty nice balance if you asked me.


i still am not sure what is this called but those brown bits at the top actually make this the only crunchy macaroon i have ever tasted! This macaroon is like a mix of chocolate and hazelnut and a very yummy combination. Both parts are in balance and none is overpowering the other.

the last one is actually hazelnut and it’s funny how i don’t have a picture of it. Must have gobbled it up because it smells great and tasted purely of hazelnut. Definitely the best one i have ever tasted so far.

my verdict on Canele :

love the macaroons! Everyone single one of them was chewy and soft and not too hard like some other macaroons i have tasted from a different brand. My recommendation would be the caramel, vanilla and hazelnut. Those really are a party in my mouth and my tummy was loving it!

and now, i gotta run off the extra sugar so i can taste more macaroons!

yes, i live to eat and i am happy about it.


much love,



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