not technology crippled anymore

Hello readers!

I am no longer technology crippled any more! 

well as you all remembered, my phone had the case of Monday blues and broke on me. I couldn’t even charge it nor switch it on and so i sent it to the service centre to get it fix. To my disappointment and surprise, they haven’t fix my phone because i had to pay $256 before hand to get it fix. Imagine my surprise when they told me i had to pay such a big amount. 

That is like the price of a new phone! so i took my phone back and consulted with my parents if i should spend such a large amount to get it fix because my phone contract has not ended and in Singapore, once our 2 year phone contract has ended, we can get a new phone at a discounted price. My parents said it was too much and my dad suggested re-contracting my phone line to get a new phone. We talked about the possibility and i decided to call starhub to find out if i was eligible to re-contract and trade in my phone so i can sort of get a cash rebate on the old phone. I called them up and I WAS ELIGIBLE TO RE-CONTRACT MY PHONE! OH MY GOD YES! 

so a few days later i headed down to starhub with my parents to get a new phone as my mom offered to buy one as she felt that since i was going to use my phone for school, it was her responsibility! THANK YOU MOTHER! 

So there were two phone that caught my eyes, 

samsung S4

and Sony Xperia Z

I thought both phone were super cool and i had always been a Samsung user so my first instinct was to get a Samsung phone however i heard that sony xperia Z was water resistant which i thought meant waterproof. 

both had about the same screen size, same megapixle, same android operating system but one thing that set the both apart was internal storage and water resistant. 

Samsung S4 had 18GB internal storage while song had 8G. 

I loved having the thought of a water resistant phone. Like it would be so cool to go swimming with your phone and snap pictures and text your friends in the shower and when i told the sales person that, she gave me a ridiculed looked. 

“You can’t fully soak the phone in the water. It will get spoilt. You can wash it off but not fully soak in and even if you do, 15 min max or your phone will be a goner ” 

imagine my surprise when she said this. My dreams of swimming and texting in the shower was flushed down just like that. 

One thing that made me like the s4 was Amoled screen. Comparing colours between Sony and samsung, nothing can beat Amoled screen because it is like canon, the making everything look so pretty. Graphics on a Samsung always looks the best and Sony was looking a little dull. 

It is funny to think that my grandpa who has no idea how to use a handphone except for making a call, actually played a decision in making my phone choice. He kept insisting that i take an S4 and when we told him about the benefit about the new sony phone, he still insisted the samsung and i believe with his blessing, we actually got the samsung S4 even though it costed my parents a bomb but my grandpa was the happiest among us. 

and that made me happy. 

so how is life with my new S4? 

Pretty good actually. I love everything about it and loading a video on it is so much more quicker and i would say everything is great! 

life with a smartphone is AMAZING! 

well to me anyway because i can’t survive without my smartphone and no matter how many times i convince myself, i still can’t. 

much love, 


from sammy ( my new phone) and me 🙂


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