Rants : Amanda bynes

I know i am late about it but i have been waiting to rant about the new Amanda Bynes

but firstly let’s say hello to the new amanda bynes!


i am totally not hating her because her boobie are totally working it cause they look good however the rest of her are up in debate. 

Amanda bynes is a well known disney actresses who i totally fall in love with in her films like  “She’s the man ” Where she played as a boy to cover her twin or something that and” Easy A” when she became the preachy bitch. 

I loved how she could own the character and made it look so good! 

would you look at that? isn’t she just perfect? In my eyes, amanda bynes used to be prefect and she was a stunner especially on the red carpet when she would smile to the camera, she looked amazing and people adored her for her films and her looks and personality. 

but when she tweet she had a eating disorder, everything thing went downhill from then on. As much as this comes as a surprise, we cannot choose to ignore as well because she is human, she is allowed to have her break down moments even though she is a well know celebrity. 

Yes she might be doing crazy ass shit and changing how she looks but hey, celebrity have their breakdown moment and we gotta accept that and move along! I see people bashing her saying really mean stuff and her fans would be like “I’mma slap that bitch ” 

I totally cannot comment on that matter but different people have different thoughts and my 2 cents might be insulting to both party so i’ll just shut up and get to what i want to say. 

What i believe is amanda forgets her public responsibility to the public, to the fans, to people who look up to her. I have seen her twitter and what i see is basically she is going “It’s all about the new me now bitches ” but she forgets about those who idolize her. I am not saying she has to fake it and make everyone happy but think about your fans, those who look up to you. No matter how you change, you still are a a public figure. Kids are going to follow your example and their excuse would be like ” Amanda bynes did it ” and what will your excuse be then? 

I won’t be so preachy about this because who knows she is facing some deep issue and this breakdown is just to let it all out. Let’s all pray for the best and hope she recovers from it soon. 

Ad i found this so fitting, 

She needs help and we all know it but when will she realize it? 

much love ma readers, 



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