the inspiration

You know, one of the most funniest thing someone asked me was where did i get inspiration to   write in a book store and to be honest, i couldn’t decide if i should be laughing or picking up the nearest book to hit them. 

So where do i get the inspiration? 

I find myself wondering about this all the time and there is no right or wrong answer really, it’s just a matter of whether you see things my way or in my perception because every story told is through the eyes of the author. 

When people ask me this question, i usually tell them my inspiration comes from everything around me. To the old lady walking down the street to me, sitting in the corner of the bus with my earpiece, staring out of the window and thinking about stuff. 

 ” isn’t that hard? i mean what can you write about them? you hardly know them! ” 

my answer ” Because i observe them ” 

no, not in a stalker-ish way with a note pad in hand and writing down 

” 8.01 am, granny wearing green scarf walking to the grocery, bought milk and egg.” 
“8.10am , Granny walking home at a very slow pace ” 

That is scary and if i were the granny and i find a young lady stalking me, i would use my grocery bag to knock some sense into her unless your into such things like stalking people than i have no comments because most probably you guys are an expert at it and know how to be discreet. 

I observe the little things they do like someone feeding a cat and thinking to myself, what must she be thinking, or when someone has a huge smile on their face when receiving a bouquet a flower, or a kiss from their friends, lover or even grand kids Happy moments that you want it to last but we have to remember that life isn’t always peachy and easy. 

I have always been empathic since i was young, i feel people pains and i cried people’s tears. It is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you tend to be considerate towards them but a curse because you start caring too much you’ll lose yourself but this emotion helps me in my quest of inspiration to write. They become a thinking trigger and in a way, they widen my horizon. They teach me to be open minded and see beyond the physical feature. 

But you know what is the real inspiration, passion. With passion, i was write about anything and everything because i love writing. You see, your mind is like a car while passion is the key! Once you ignite your passion, everything, i repeat everything is possible! 


unless we are talking about an asian trying to move out of their parents house, that may require more reasoning and your passion might wanna take a backseat for a while! 

much love ma readers!






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