pet peeves

Hello ma dear readers! 

so today’s topic is PET PEEVES!! 

Everyone has them and this is mine. 

So let’s start off with a definition of pet peeves! 

So what is a pet peeve? for those who don’t know,  a pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it. ( credits to Wikipedia )

I have a number of pet peeves and one of them is poking and guess what! my mom decided to do it to me yesterday before bed. 

The story goes like this, i was chilling in my bed 9gag-ing when i felt really sleepy and went to bed. Just as i was about to drift off to sleep, my mom decided to poke me! YES POKE ME WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO SLEEP. you see, when i am awake, i don’t mind being poked because I’ll take it as you are playing and i can let i go but however when i am about to sleep and you poke me, you have got to die. 


But because she is my mom, i couldn’t have turn and gave her an evil eye so i let it go and you know what she did? 


OH GOD SO HELP ME! i was trying my hardest to ignore her but no, she kept going at me and i honestly just wanted to burst right there and right then but i knew if i did it, it was going to lead into a fight because here is a tip about  Asian mom’s , they can do it to you but don’t you are dare do it to them unless you have a death wish because GURLLLL,  she could whoop your ass before you can finish say ” waka flaka ” 

So i grunted in annoyance and finally, THANK GOD she stopped and i was able to get back to sleep but here is the problem, i couldn’t sleep anymore. 


yes to end my long story short, i couldn’t sleep for the next 2 hours and stared at the celling basically doing nothing? 

no, that’s a lie, i basically ended up over thinking and woke up feeling pretty much like burning everyone! 

anyway much love you guys!





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