Another one gone

Death is horrible. There is no pretty way to look at it but time after time we try to see the logic behind it or comfort ourselves the actual reason why they died.

We say ” oh god loved him more and wanted to end his suffering ” or ” it was his time to go ”

But there are some of us who can’t cope with the loss. Our tears wont fall, our crying makes no noise, you cant see the pain but we feel like hacking away in our heart.

We’re broken. torn into pieces on the inside and we put a mask on the outside just so that people would stop telling us ” i’m sorry for your loss ”

But also at times, we see our pain as a burden when we want to tell someone about it. We feel as though we are going to give them emotional burden and we start bottling it up. The pain becomes a constant reminder and its strangling us. All we feel is pain till everything numbs out.

Less than a year ago, my fav girl passed away and now, another one has left me.

Much love ma readers,



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