Ramadan day 9 & awfully chocolate

So this would be my second time typing this post because i accidently pressed back and the whole post was lost when it was 99% completed but bad things just seem to happen, 

so anyway hello there! 

So anyway ramadan day 9 fell on a Thursday which was also the first day of my exams and my counselling module! 

it started as a cold morning and i was so tempted to stay home but i couldn’t and i went to school with my friend as normal and we were grumbling about the exam as we haven’t gotten back all our results and here they are making us take another exam. Annoying right? 

Headed to class and my counselling facilitator is honestly a very perky person! She is so nice and happy especially in the morning and you can’t like be mad at her for being so happy in the morning and you can only afford to smile and she asked for my help to take attendance and to take down note for those who was late and to tell them which team they would be in. 

the day passed smoothly with a whole lot of roleplaying and me dreading for my exams later as i was already starting to mentally prepare myself for the failure of today’s paper and one of my team mates asked if i did my revision and i told her i just read through the Revision slides and told her i was mentally preparing to fail and she laughed asking why and you see here was the faceplam moment of the century. 

My paper for the day was Human disease but there i was confidently telling her about Management accounting until she corrected me and that was when i started to panic and asked her to help me refresh my memory on what my Human disease facilitator asked us to study and went about finding notes while looking through some online shopping website ( Yes, i know i should stop but it’s so hard! ) 

So came to class half prepared and OH MY GOD! about 10 essay question with like 2-3 parts in it to be done in 45 min, trust me, i rushed like crazy!

After exam, met my friend and went home together and i got ready to go out because i was meeting one of my girls to hang out as my parent’s were out at malacca ( which is part of malaysia) for a night and no school night curfew! 

For me, my curfew only exist from monday to friday which are schooling days and when it comes to the weekends, goodbye my curfew! 

So We meet at about 830 plus plus and went to get her stuff before heading to spatula bakery for cupcakes only to find it close. So we kept wondering around and stumbled upon awfully chocolate! 

No second option needed, we both went in and was captivated with the cakes and the yummy chocolate smell!. 

So fifa got awfully chocolate signature milk and poached dark chocolate while i got Lemon yoghurt cake and Iced butterscotch milk. 



Yes, their chocolate milk is served in a shot glass and it is superbly cute! The taste is very rich and as fifa says ” taste like a very rich chocolate milk from dutch lady ”  and it’s kinda costly too. About $8-9 for this, you tell me if it is worth it. 



I swear by all things chocolatey , this is a must try! its called poached dark chocolate and it is basically a slab of dark chocolate in its purest form served with vanilla flavoured cream and oh my god, it was so good! It doesn’t taste that bitter and paired with the cream, its like a match-made in heaven!  I am not a fan of dark chocolate but if i ever go there again, this is what I’m getting. 



meet my lemon yoghurt cake and this is very yummy! I like how the lemon taste isn’t that strong and the layer below all the cream, the biscuit like layer there is actually very good! It’s not too hard and its flavourful but the only downside to this is for me, it was too creamy and i am not a big fan of creamy cakes but for those who are looking for a creamy refreshing cake with citrus bits in it, this is your cake. 

We both then stopped by fatboys and i ordered a take away burger but that was the only food outlet opened and we both cab home because it was already late and fifa was working at 7am the next day. 

Anyway much love you guys, 



Day 8 of ramadan

Hello there! Sorry i haven’t been blogging lately, 

My exams have started and it is a mess because it is really rushed and we only got like 3 /5 modules result so its hard because you don’t know what to improve on and stuff like that. 

Okay, day 8 of fasting fell on a Wednesday and what does that mean? IT’S JUDO TIME! 

So today i was having this module called Human Resource Management where it is kinda complicated and hard to grasp but it’s not that bad because your teacher goes through the worksheet with you and kinda makes sense of everything. So we did Problem statement, PDT, Worksheet and lastly was presentation which as normal was upload your slides and go to her to check. 

So since it was the fasting month and no one is eating, i decided to meet one of my girls ikha and chilled with her. I went to submit my MC and went to meet her and we just sat and talked what was going on in life and bumped into our another friend named nas. 

Now Nas is those brotherly figure, he is funny and annoying at the same time and we all liked his girlfriend because she is so sweet! Now the last time we saw nas, this guy had a freakking bloated stomach where we liked to disturb him saying he was living the good life that’s why his stomach was bloated! But to our surprise, he slimmed down and his bloated stomach is no longer visible! 

Me and ikha went like ” OH MY GOD NAS! you slimmed down already! what’s you secret? ” 

His response : Fasting lah, what else ( with a cheeky smile) 

we both gave him the are -you -serious face and he went like “Nah, just kidding. I have no idea how i slimmed down” and we talked for a while before he had to go and he was tempted to smoke but since we are fasting, smoking is considered to break our fast so we kept motivating him to carry on and forget about smoking. He left us and we went back to class to finish up our slides. 

Now after class, waited for V and headed up to the dojo to get started on training and master Yeo was there! 

Master yeo is our teacher and he is really a friendly guy. I was actually falling asleep during PT and he came and sit beside me and kinda talked to me and told me i was doing this move wrongly and jokingly told me ” if you continue doing that, you’re going to fall asleep ” He said laughing and i laughed because he was right on point. 

So today, one of the other black belt helped us as master yeo had to do grading for our seniors. Grading basically means the exam we take that showcase the move to go from our current belt to a higher belt. 

We, junior practice our throws and entry and we had fun because Judo is what i would quote from the black belt ” a sport where you can beat someone up and learn something from it ” which is surprisingly true because the more you get thrown, the more you will understand how it works. 

And amazingly, by 9pm sharp, we were out of the Dojo because we found out that the silat ( malay martial art) wanted our Dojo and one of our training days which was kinda weird because it came as a sudden news and we have got to be on our best behaviour as so that the school can’t do 

After training, we headed home and when i came through the door, first question my mom asked me ” Did you train? ” 

I had to lie and said no, i just wore my GI and sit out and she was okay with it. She started talking about some show while i just kept nodding my head and went to bath.

well i do believe thats all that happened on Wednesday!

much love you guys, 



on a sad note, pretty boy wasn’t there ( boohoo) 


ramadan day 7

Day 7 fell on 17 july 2013 and it was a Tuesday!

and so, after hearing my alarm and countlessly snoozing it, i got up and went to the couch to sleep a bit more and when i woke up, this was what i saw


This actually made my morning! He looked so adorable and it was super cute when his paw twitch! I couldn’t resist and tried to cuddle him to death and i won’t be surprised if he has began plotting my death!

How to Tell Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

credits : http://www.catswhothrowupgrass.com/kill.php

anyway i was late for class and i was still taking my own sweet time till i glance at the clock and nearly got a heart attack. It was after 930 and i had to be in class before 1030! so i rushed and got a bath and received a whatsapp from my cousin asking where was i. I told her i was late and heading to school soon. Apparently lateness runs in the blood as my cousin was late as well. Somewhere between bathing and shampoo-ing my hair, i got lazy to go school and sms my cousin asking her to take mc with me which she of course didn’t want too and dragged me to school with her.

now the best part,

i reached school and met my cousin at the park near our school and ZA was there because he sent her and we all talked for a while before heading to class only to find out my cousin telling me this ” hopefully they don’t have lab today ”

me : wait why, just go since you’re in school already.

cousin : apparently i didn’t bring anything.

So i told her to update me and was half way walking to class when she called me and said her classroom was empty and i started mumbling to myself while walking back to meet her and we decided to take MC since i was that lazy and she was without her lab coat.

we decided where to eat as my cousin wasn’t fasting and my gastric started acting up. I have this disease or sickness called ” gastric inflammation ” and it get’s pretty bad because once i get it, i have to take my medication or i am doomed. Basically the pain will cause me to have a heartburn and me being not able to walk straight. I would have to bend over and walk slowly and it will last about 24 hours or sometimes even more.

So i had no choice and had to eat so i could take my medication and slowly, the pain got better but my tummy was super sore. So ate with my cousins then chilled at Starbucks where my cousin kept annoying me and asking about some drink called cotton candy frappe.

so i went to ask the barista and asked him if there was still cotton candy frappe and to my amazement, there was!


So basically Cotton candy frappe is made from raspberry pumps and vanilla bean and i honestly didn’t know what to expect until i tasted it and it tasted like raspberry! My scumbg brain was actually telling me this drink would taste like real cotton candy because of the name but yeah, its called scumbag for a reason. A pleasant drink really and kinda yummy, making my tummy… ( okay i can’t find any rhyming words so deal with it )

so went back to woodlands to get my Mc and it was hard trying to find a clinic, me and my cousin kept walking in circles and when we finally found one, we were wondering why it was so empty and just went for it. Registered and went to see the doctor and he was telling me that i had an allergic reaction which to his amazement, i didn’t have any allergic because i can eat everything and anything that is halal! He obviously didn’t believe me and sent me on my way with the mc i needed for school.

and after that, i went home because i can and i had nothing on and this post is done!

anyway love you guys!


Ramadan day 6

Can you believe it! It has already been 6 days of fasting! 

this is awesome! 

Anyway i skipped school on day 6 because i was so tired and i could barely concentrate on anything. So i met Bayu and headed off to the library to study which i ended up watching roll Models which was awesome and i loveeee gine darling and scarlet chan! She is so entertaining and Go GO dancers are so pretty! 

This is scarlet chan and she is packed with attitude and she is very highly entertaining! Gotta love her! 

and this is miss gina darling! She is awesome! She has a pet snake, she is a gamer and she is totally cool! Love her the most! 

Actually before this show, i had no idea what a Go Go model is or what is an import model and the show taught me those terms!

Anyway moving on, i did grocery shopping and ended up buying this at delifrance! 






There were so yummy and i’ll do a review on them in the next post 🙂 

anyway, went home and cleaned the house a bit before heading for a nap. I was expecting my mom to call because she called earlier and said we were suppose to break fast at my dad’s side, my auntie’s place but she didn’t called and i fell asleep until it was nearly break fast time and laid out on the couch watching tv while waiting for my mom and she didn’t even call or anything and when she finally did, she asked me why didn’t i pick up her call which i responded saying there was none and she said she called the house but no one picked up the phone. I told her i was sleeping and she asked why i couldn’t answer the phone again. 


i didn’t answer her and asked her where she was and she told me she was coming home soon and i waited infront of the tv rotting while trying to fix my laptop. It as giving me issue’s by not wanting to connect to my house wi-fi. It was majorly anoying becauseit could conenct to my Hotspot but not my house wi-fi. I got so stressed and i just used my phone through the whole day. 

Well that was pretty much what happened! 

Love you guys, 


Ramadan day 4& 5

So Ramadan day 4 & 5 fell on the weekend! Thank god! 

Now my weekends were pretty chill, nothing much was going on except on both days, me and my friend went out to breakfast with my auntie and her family. 

Like on the 4th, we went to breakfast outside and went straight home after that as my mom wasn’t feeling well even though my cousin asked us along to go Vivo city because she wanted to do a bit of shopping before her new job on Monday but my family went home as all of us were pretty sick. 

On the morning of the 5th day of ramadan, i woke up to thisImage




He basically took half of my leg space but i couldn’t get mad at him because he looked so cute and peaceful sleeping like that!

Later in the afternoon, my auntie decided to cook and invited the whole family over which would include my grandparents, my family, my uncle’s family and her oldest son’s family as he was the only one that is married in her family. 

Family gathering is always fun! I mean Family is always going to be number 1 because there are always going to be there when everyone else is going to leave you. You’re family in a way is your support system, your pillar and perhaps the strongest one out there. 

And i know sometimes people might say ” So what? Family can leave each other! ” and i agree, even though you guys are family, we are all human, we have human emotions and we will do things that could hurt one another but trust me when i say even if your family member turn against you or leave you, they did it because they had too and it isn’t easy for them. They will constantly think about you and will always pray for the best for you. They do want to see you happy and successful and sometimes when they leave you, they want you to stand on your own two feet and go against the world, sometimes, they need you to see a lesson in life that you have been missing out. I know this feeling all too well because i was ever put in that position. 

I will and forever will send a prayer for him and hope god protects him and lead him to a better path. He was too pampered because he knew he could fall back on us any time and started getting lazy and got arrogant. This was when we had to turn away from him and let life teach him a lesson. 

You can’t reach the top or be a better person if you are too arrogant. You need those around you to teach you the lessons in life that hopefully will help you and make you a better person and this was my only intention when i turned away from him and my mom and dad always had him in their prayers and he doesn’t even know that. He believe we don’t love him and left him to suffer but no, we could never do that. 

anyway till here my lovely readers, 


and please, take good care of yourselves! 😀

Rants : Internet shopping addict

I know i haven’t blogged about day 4 & 5 & 6 & 7 of ramadan but i really need to let this out first. 

Okay here goes! 


Just like how people love food and exercise and whatever more they like, i love internet shopping because it is cheaper and i don’t have to leave my house which is a plus point really because i don’t have to deal with the crowd and long queue at the dressing room! I could be in my PJ’s and with a Debit card and an internet, Hello internet shopping. 

The only con is internet shopping is the waiting time, yes some parcels i get within a week but some takes at least 2-3 weeks and some of them even got lost but i am blessed because so far, all my parcels find their way to me! And the pricing might look cheap but sometimes there are hidden cost and very high shipping fee so you have got to be careful! And the worst part, I’m buying things that i really don’t need! I should be shopping for heels, a bag and accessories for Hari raya but no, here i am buying things for god knows what purpose! 

now which websites are my favourite to shop on? 

Mostly this 



It used to be called Gmarket but it changed it’s name and you can basically find anything and everything on this website! it’s amazing and make-up are way cheaper here as they are imported from korea! This website is Singapore based but some do ship internationally and for those in the Asian region, There are websites like this for your country where you don’t have to pay ridiculously high shipping fee. 

And here! 




Now Zalora high a very wide price range and this site is mainly for clothes and shoes and bags. Not so much for other products, to me that is and the best thing about Zalora, buy anything more than $30 and get free shipping! Such an encouragement to shop!

Pretty sure some of you, my readers might tell me ” Oh come on, it’s just internet shopping. How bad can it be ” 

i’ll show you how bad. 



Within 3 days from my last purchase, i ended up buying 8 more items! 

At first, i thought this was normal and was happily telling my friends that i am going to blog about my recent purchases and she asked me how many things did i buy,

” 12 items ” i said and she looked surprised. She then started asking really weird questions like was i depressed or was there anything i needed to share. I kinda got pissed off and told her to get straight to the point, like why was she acting this way. “Well Rai, it seems to me you are addicted to online shopping” 

Which i knew actually because my mom ever talked about it with me and she keeps telling me to control myself but as soon as i see the word sale, My fingers immediately just click on it and you know, things happen! 

and you know how some people would say ” Why do you guys like shopping so much? ” or ” Ewww! i don’t like shopping ” 

Let me tell you something, if you don’t like shopping and you are a lady, a girl or a women, there isn’t anything wrong but you might be going with the wrong people to the wrong places. Like me for example, when i was growing up, i hate shopping, I would get what i want and quickly leave but as i grew older, my love for shopping grew because i found the right company and the right places to shop at and that was the best feeling ever! 

Anyway toodles my readers, 

sorry this post has nothing interesting in it really and a lack of direction but it was something that i just had to rant about. 





ramadan day 3!

Ramadan day 3 was on a friday!


Friday means the last day of school for the week and Hello my weekends!

On friday, i woke up feeling sick, like really sick! I kept sniffling and coughing and i went to check on my Judo Gi because i washed it on Wednesday night and only on Thursday morning, i was black marks on it and went to wash it about 3 more times because i was completely satisfied.

To my complete horror, it was still pretty much damp and i couldn’t possibly use that to training because i just can’t and made a decision to skip training (Yet again) and told V about it. Thank god V had a family dinner so she won’t be coming as well.

Got ready for school and one of my girls, Ikha texted me asking me to go home with her which i happily obliged because i haven’t seen her for a couple of days and i missed her! so headed to school and came to class late ( Yet again ) and the first thing i did when i entered the class and saw my facilitator,

I smiled!

My facilitator ended up smiling as well and went on with the lesson while i sat down and slowly caught up with the lesson. Now this facilitator likes to throw a series of question at me unexpectedly and apparently today’s topic was about the endocrine system and their disease and she was talking about Diabetes which my grandma has it and i could easily answer her question much to her delight ( score!)

now, the interesting thing about today was every time my friend asked me to take half day with her , which we call partial, i kept telling her no and kept motivating her to stay in class and when i told her ” Let’s just partial ” she did the same thing to me. She kept motivating me and this went on for half of the day wiith both of us trying to stay in class for the full day and not partial.

Class ended ( thank god! ) and i met my friend. We were planning to meet my other friend to break fast together but now that girl, she would probably end late so we decide to crash at my house first and break fast there. we got macD Mcspicy and went to my house and waited.

We both actually managed to fall asleep for a while and woke up just in time to break our fast and i swear to god, Mcspicy is heaven sent! Yes, it is extremely spicy but it’s super yummy especially when you add cheese slice to it! After that, we clear up and went to meet my friend at parkway parade which was about 30 min bus ride from my house and my night suddenly got more interesting and funny!

Being which the ones you are close with and who knows you best can turn any situation or any piece of news into a funny joke which was what we kept doing and i have never felt so happy  on that day!

Yes, i had some good laugh the previous month but it isn’t the same especially when you are with your favourite people! your smile just naturally turns like this

we headed to coffee bean and tea leaf for yummy ice blended drinks and just catching up with each other and making jokes till the mall was about to close.

we then headed home and my day was awesome even though there was this small kid running around and pretty much wasn’t looking at his surrounding and ran straight into my leg. I did managed to give him a death stare but it turned into a smile as soon as the kid looked up and looked all innocent and surprised and his mom apologised so it was okay.

One of my pet peeves is bumping into people, not the one where you meet an old friend but those that involve body contact like the kid bumping straight into my leg and i will , without a doubt, give you a death stare but if you apologise, my anger will lessen and I’ll probably say “it’s okay!” and continue on my way happily

but for those who bump into people and act like its our fault when it is their’s esp parents who let their children running around loose and give us a black face when your child bump into us,

you, my friend, just died on my mind and i’m killing you again and again.

anyway that aside, i mean, what’s life without your favourite people with some yummy ice blended drinks?

much love you guys,


ramadan day 2

If i am not mistaken, day 2 of fasting fell on a Thursday and because i was so exhausted for school with training the previous day and i got home around 1130 pm plus and went to sleep like 2 hours later and woke up at 430am for my pre dawn meal. 

So i came to class late ( nothing new really ) and to my surprise, it wasn’t my regular facilitator. It was the module chair, Andy! Now this guy is funny and highly entertaining but his method of teaching is kinda hard to catch up because he would ask alot of question which kinda causes alot of confusion and doesn’t really clear them up and his favourite thing to do, asking you to rephrase what your classmate has said and this is bad for me because i get easily distracted by the slightest thing and of course, i would usually end up looking lost. 

Anyway halfway through the class, i started feeling sick and all i could think about was going home and to make matter worst, my laptop wouldn’t connect to the school internet because it kept asking me to change my password which i did countless of times and it kept telling me there was an error. So i went to the help desk during lunch and you know what they told me ” Oh this problem we can’t really help you. You just have to keep trying ” 


I swear to god i nearly blew up at her but remembering it was the fasting month, i lowered my gaze, calm myself and hurriedly walk away. 2 sec later, i was busy complaining to my friend and thank god he could help me with my laptop! 


went back to class and i was so tired that i stoned for god knows how long and was literally lost throughout the whole lesson and decided to just talk a half day. I told my faci i wasn’t feeling well and i wanted to go home and told him about my fainting accident so that he would understand better and thank god he did. He let me go home and met 2 of my friends who decided to take half day away as well. 

Instead of going home, we ended up watching DESPICABLE ME 2!

so basically Despicable me 2 in a nutshell is about Gru being a good guy, falling in love and  having his minions kidnapped and mutated and to the minions, they believe they were in paradise because of banana and don’t forgetting a singing-fest where the minions does a number of songs and dancing!




alright, much love ma readers!


and here is a lil minion kissing you all goodbye! 

day 1 of ramadan!


i literally buried myself underneath my blanket when my mom tried to wake me up for my pre dawn meal and after that was done, i headed back to sleep as i had a 3 day mc from school and it was my last day of mc. Got ready later in the afternoon and headed back to school for training! Bumped into one of my friend, Isk who looked dashing as always and went to nepal with me and it was so weird for both of us as we had always hugged each other as a greeting and since it was the fasting month, we couldn’t touch each other so we both just stood there awkwardly and talked for a while. 

Headed off to meet v and went to the dojo for training. AND GUESS WHO FINALLY GOT HER GI! OHYEAH. ITS ME, I GOT MY GI. 


sufian helped me with my belt and we started our warm ups which already got me thirsty and tired but i continued on even though our vice captain gave those who were fasting the benefit of sitting out but we all did it and the only time i sat out was after our swimming exercise. its basically doing the motion but pulling your body across the room and i hated this exercise the most. 

because without the Gi, i feel like this


but with my Gi on i feel like this

because i couldn’t move and i struggled until my captain helped by pulling my belt forward and he looked quiet happy doing it. Anyway after warm up, we practice our throws and pretty boy ben kept coming over to check on me and V at first then slowly started entertaining himself and distracting us. It was really fun being with him because when he showed a move to V, i was their dummy and it felt like a roller coaster as he carried me from the back and swing me to the front! 

Shaz came over to help em and V with our leg sweep and one mistake that i couldn’t get rid off was i had a tendency to hook onto their legs causing me to fall over as well. Its hard trying to recondition your body when your body did muay thai for a period of time. 

Long story short : My friend sprain her 2nd toe during randori ( open mat)  and my friends feet actually got stuck on the inside of the bottom of my pants because it was long and i accidentally stepped on her feet. During practice, V threw me unexpectedly and got me all winded. 

lastly, Ben accidentally tap my butt when he actually wanted to tap my hip but i moved and his hand landed wrongly. 



anyway kinda proud of myself because i was able to get through the day without breaking my fas until the proper time and i could control my cranky-ness!