rants : eventful week part 2

Hello my readers (Again)

This is part 2 where i will talk about my fainting experience in public. 

Yes, you read it right. 

I fainted in public! 

how was it like? 

i should probably tell you how it got to that point. 

So on Friday which was 5th of july, I went to the polyclinic near my school to get an MC for my horrible dripping nose that was starting to annoy the crap out of me. Got my mc and headed to blood donation before meeting up with my girls as i was free like a bird. 

My blood donation was a-okay but perhaps i should have rested long or took a heavier meal as 15 min after my blood donation, i feel my body heating up and my world started spinning. In fear, i quickly dashed to the nearest seat and put my head between my legs so the blood would go to my head but before i knew it, i was already on the ground. 

i have no idea how i fell because i felt instant pain on my knee and side of my head as soon as i woke up. People were crowding around me and i was sweating a bunch but the worst part was when i felt like my head wanted to explode. I could barely stand nor sit up. All i wanted to do was lie down and hopefully the pain would go away

but alas, i was in public and the MRT staff had to force me to get up and take a rest at their rest room. Once i got up and started walking, i started puking as well. It was horrible! My head was spinning, i felt cold and warm at the same time and now my stomach was puking all of its content. 

this was just not my day. 

The MRT staff guided me to their rest room and i had to lie down and slowly colours was coming back to my face and the next thing i knew, the ambulance was already there. Apparently the public called them ( bless those lovely concern souls )

they took my blood pressure and asked me a series of questions and asked if i wanted to go to the hospital. Me being a scardey cat said no and since the MRt staff called my parents already. I told the paramedic that my mom is already on the way and if anything happens, my mom will drive me over. 

They agreed and went off without giving me a few advices and cheerfully waving goodbye. That made me smile. Mom came and picked me without and once i got into the car, she started nagging at me and it didn’t help because i was in pain and had a head splitting headache. 

but i know my mom means well and she was nagging at me to cover her worry. Which mom won’t be concern over their child? 

We went home and i sleep from the evening sun till the dead of the night. Yes, i was that tired and when i woke up, i instantly felt better but after a while, i would start feeling light headed again and would have to lay down again. My head now has a bump due to the fall and the downside of fainting, for 2 days straight, i have been pigging out. Literally an hour or two after my last meal, i’ll start eating again and the worst part, i wasn’t even close to being full. 

PS, now i’m hungry and craving for junk foood! 


anyway much love you guys, 



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