Rants : my eventful week so far pt 1

Hello my fellow readers! 

I have had an eventful week so far. 

So lets just fast-forward to Wednesday as it was training day and i seem to always look forward to training because i can get my fitness on! anyway because i didn’t come on one of the training days, i didn’t get my GI and found out only on Wednesday that they still don’t have my Gi. A lil disappointed as everyone had theirs and i’m stuck  in long pants and tee shirt. Training was training as crazy! and i had to sit out half way because my shoulder started aching and my captain made me go to the physiotherapist. 

so some people actually might not know what is a physiotherapist and it is perfectly okay because i didn’t know what it was till i started polytechnic. 

so basically a physiotherapist is someone are experts in movement and function of the body, treat and manage injuries such as ankle sprains, sore shoulder, knee injury. mostly sports related injuries. They help lessen the pain and manage it as well. 

so i went there and 2 of my judo mates were there as well. the guy, A had a bruise on his leg because when he was sparring with another person B, B’s knee collided at A’s upper ankle and there was this humongous bruise! 

Another judo mate was R who got kicked in the stomach by one of the juniors accidentally! We all did our check up and i had to do a series of test for the physiotherapist and i was thinking to myself, it could just be a sore shoulder but what she told me shook my world. 

“There is definitely something wrong and I suspect you have a nerve injury in your right shoulder. your right arm might be your power arm but it seems to be it is weaker than your left. Bring this note and go to the hospital ” 

I was surprised! Imagine when i read her note for the doctors and she stated that she wants the doctor to do an xray and an MRI scan. i thanked her and went back to the dojo and just sat out for the whole training and my mind was working overtime. 

I mean how is it possible that i have a nerve injury? How do i tell my mother? What do i tell my team mates? 

You see, my mom will flip when she finds out about this and knowing her, she will make me quit judo which i am very unwilling too because its something that i like to do! Its something that makes me happy and i wasn’t willing to give it up yet. 

till this day, my mom has no idea about this injury and i plan to keep it quiet till one day when i can’t take the pain any more or being forcibly dragged to the hospital. 

that all for now ma readers. 


and have a pleasant day 🙂


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