30 beautiful ramadan day challenge.

Dear readers, today post will have  religious context. 

for those who wish to know more, do read on but for those who do not want, i will totally respect your decision and you are free to leave 🙂

The beautiful, beautiful month of ramadan is finally here! 

Just imagine 2 weeks ago i was dreading not being able to eat any time i want too but Alhamdulilah ( praises to god ), i have survived for 2 days and i am looking forward to fast for the remaining 28 days.  

just a quick summary about ramadan, 

One of the five pillars of islam is the requirement to fast, not being able to eat from day break to sunset, not allowed to smoking, and engaging in sexual relations; in some interpretations also refrain from swearing. So basically, nothing can enter your body during the fasting period ( from day break to sun set for a month, not for the whole month! ) 

Food and drink is served daily, before sunrise and after sunset and those are the only time where we can eat and any time after that, we are not allowed. we are suppose to fast. 

So what is ramadan to me? What is fasting? 

Ever since i was young, i have been trained to fast by my parents as it is part of my religion and it grows into a habit even though we only do this for a month and trust me, the first day of fasting is always the hardest. My patience is always getting challenged and i really want to curse and i get hungry so easily and i don’t want to wake up for my pre dawn meal and through all my excuses, i managed to fast for 2 days. Alhamdulilah ( Praises to Allah) 

Ever since i was in my teens, i had always thought fasting was a way for me to save money and manage my weight and it was basically compulsory so i had no chance of avoiding it unless i had my period ( as it is considered unclean) 

However this year, it feels different because i feel blessed regarding the littiest things like getting to breakfast with my family and this year, i have actually set goals for myself during this fasting month which are

– 30 day ramadan reflection

– To control my swearing and curses and to speak nicely. 

– to be a better person ( i say this every time )

– to lower my gaze and be humble. 

I stumbled upon a website which was talking about the purpose of Ramadan and it wrote somewhere between the lines of ” testing your faith as a muslim / islam ” and ” A spiritual journey of discovering oneself ” 

It got me thinking and instead of thinking it as a compulsory thing to do and making up more excuses, i decided to set realistic goals and hopefully achieve them with Allah’s blessing of course. 

you might start to wonder bout the challenges i face during this month. 

I am pretty sure that every religion fast in their own ways and every year, i will meet people who won’t understand why my religion requires me to fast from day break to sun set with no food nor liquid at all and there are some who makes a mockery of it saying its stupid , its inhumane and stuff like that

now my dear readers, if you encounter people like this, send a little prayer for them. It doesn’t matter what religion you are but help me send a lil prayer to those who mock you and discriminate you for the things you do for your religion. Instead of blowing up at them and causing a scene, just send a lil prayer for them that God opens up their heart and be on your way with a smile because you did something good,  you became unselfish , you prayed for someone and that feeling is amazing. Yes, you might feel the anger burning at first but cool down and think about what you just did, if you are able to do this, you have my respect and if you failed in doing this, don’t worry and try again. People are always going to make you angry but be the better person and send a little prayer. 

I have the utmost respect for people who keep trying. 

this post is getting lengthy so i shall end here! 

Much love everyone, 


no matter what religion you are, be proud of it. You were specially made that way 🙂

and for those free thinkers, as long as you guys are able to respect those with and without religion, you are awesome as well 🙂


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