day 1 of ramadan!


i literally buried myself underneath my blanket when my mom tried to wake me up for my pre dawn meal and after that was done, i headed back to sleep as i had a 3 day mc from school and it was my last day of mc. Got ready later in the afternoon and headed back to school for training! Bumped into one of my friend, Isk who looked dashing as always and went to nepal with me and it was so weird for both of us as we had always hugged each other as a greeting and since it was the fasting month, we couldn’t touch each other so we both just stood there awkwardly and talked for a while. 

Headed off to meet v and went to the dojo for training. AND GUESS WHO FINALLY GOT HER GI! OHYEAH. ITS ME, I GOT MY GI. 


sufian helped me with my belt and we started our warm ups which already got me thirsty and tired but i continued on even though our vice captain gave those who were fasting the benefit of sitting out but we all did it and the only time i sat out was after our swimming exercise. its basically doing the motion but pulling your body across the room and i hated this exercise the most. 

because without the Gi, i feel like this


but with my Gi on i feel like this

because i couldn’t move and i struggled until my captain helped by pulling my belt forward and he looked quiet happy doing it. Anyway after warm up, we practice our throws and pretty boy ben kept coming over to check on me and V at first then slowly started entertaining himself and distracting us. It was really fun being with him because when he showed a move to V, i was their dummy and it felt like a roller coaster as he carried me from the back and swing me to the front! 

Shaz came over to help em and V with our leg sweep and one mistake that i couldn’t get rid off was i had a tendency to hook onto their legs causing me to fall over as well. Its hard trying to recondition your body when your body did muay thai for a period of time. 

Long story short : My friend sprain her 2nd toe during randori ( open mat)  and my friends feet actually got stuck on the inside of the bottom of my pants because it was long and i accidentally stepped on her feet. During practice, V threw me unexpectedly and got me all winded. 

lastly, Ben accidentally tap my butt when he actually wanted to tap my hip but i moved and his hand landed wrongly. 



anyway kinda proud of myself because i was able to get through the day without breaking my fas until the proper time and i could control my cranky-ness! 


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