ramadan day 3!

Ramadan day 3 was on a friday!


Friday means the last day of school for the week and Hello my weekends!

On friday, i woke up feeling sick, like really sick! I kept sniffling and coughing and i went to check on my Judo Gi because i washed it on Wednesday night and only on Thursday morning, i was black marks on it and went to wash it about 3 more times because i was completely satisfied.

To my complete horror, it was still pretty much damp and i couldn’t possibly use that to training because i just can’t and made a decision to skip training (Yet again) and told V about it. Thank god V had a family dinner so she won’t be coming as well.

Got ready for school and one of my girls, Ikha texted me asking me to go home with her which i happily obliged because i haven’t seen her for a couple of days and i missed her! so headed to school and came to class late ( Yet again ) and the first thing i did when i entered the class and saw my facilitator,

I smiled!

My facilitator ended up smiling as well and went on with the lesson while i sat down and slowly caught up with the lesson. Now this facilitator likes to throw a series of question at me unexpectedly and apparently today’s topic was about the endocrine system and their disease and she was talking about Diabetes which my grandma has it and i could easily answer her question much to her delight ( score!)

now, the interesting thing about today was every time my friend asked me to take half day with her , which we call partial, i kept telling her no and kept motivating her to stay in class and when i told her ” Let’s just partial ” she did the same thing to me. She kept motivating me and this went on for half of the day wiith both of us trying to stay in class for the full day and not partial.

Class ended ( thank god! ) and i met my friend. We were planning to meet my other friend to break fast together but now that girl, she would probably end late so we decide to crash at my house first and break fast there. we got macD Mcspicy and went to my house and waited.

We both actually managed to fall asleep for a while and woke up just in time to break our fast and i swear to god, Mcspicy is heaven sent! Yes, it is extremely spicy but it’s super yummy especially when you add cheese slice to it! After that, we clear up and went to meet my friend at parkway parade which was about 30 min bus ride from my house and my night suddenly got more interesting and funny!

Being which the ones you are close with and who knows you best can turn any situation or any piece of news into a funny joke which was what we kept doing and i have never felt so happy  on that day!

Yes, i had some good laugh the previous month but it isn’t the same especially when you are with your favourite people! your smile just naturally turns like this

we headed to coffee bean and tea leaf for yummy ice blended drinks and just catching up with each other and making jokes till the mall was about to close.

we then headed home and my day was awesome even though there was this small kid running around and pretty much wasn’t looking at his surrounding and ran straight into my leg. I did managed to give him a death stare but it turned into a smile as soon as the kid looked up and looked all innocent and surprised and his mom apologised so it was okay.

One of my pet peeves is bumping into people, not the one where you meet an old friend but those that involve body contact like the kid bumping straight into my leg and i will , without a doubt, give you a death stare but if you apologise, my anger will lessen and I’ll probably say “it’s okay!” and continue on my way happily

but for those who bump into people and act like its our fault when it is their’s esp parents who let their children running around loose and give us a black face when your child bump into us,

you, my friend, just died on my mind and i’m killing you again and again.

anyway that aside, i mean, what’s life without your favourite people with some yummy ice blended drinks?

much love you guys,



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