Ramadan day 4& 5

So Ramadan day 4 & 5 fell on the weekend! Thank god! 

Now my weekends were pretty chill, nothing much was going on except on both days, me and my friend went out to breakfast with my auntie and her family. 

Like on the 4th, we went to breakfast outside and went straight home after that as my mom wasn’t feeling well even though my cousin asked us along to go Vivo city because she wanted to do a bit of shopping before her new job on Monday but my family went home as all of us were pretty sick. 

On the morning of the 5th day of ramadan, i woke up to thisImage




He basically took half of my leg space but i couldn’t get mad at him because he looked so cute and peaceful sleeping like that!

Later in the afternoon, my auntie decided to cook and invited the whole family over which would include my grandparents, my family, my uncle’s family and her oldest son’s family as he was the only one that is married in her family. 

Family gathering is always fun! I mean Family is always going to be number 1 because there are always going to be there when everyone else is going to leave you. You’re family in a way is your support system, your pillar and perhaps the strongest one out there. 

And i know sometimes people might say ” So what? Family can leave each other! ” and i agree, even though you guys are family, we are all human, we have human emotions and we will do things that could hurt one another but trust me when i say even if your family member turn against you or leave you, they did it because they had too and it isn’t easy for them. They will constantly think about you and will always pray for the best for you. They do want to see you happy and successful and sometimes when they leave you, they want you to stand on your own two feet and go against the world, sometimes, they need you to see a lesson in life that you have been missing out. I know this feeling all too well because i was ever put in that position. 

I will and forever will send a prayer for him and hope god protects him and lead him to a better path. He was too pampered because he knew he could fall back on us any time and started getting lazy and got arrogant. This was when we had to turn away from him and let life teach him a lesson. 

You can’t reach the top or be a better person if you are too arrogant. You need those around you to teach you the lessons in life that hopefully will help you and make you a better person and this was my only intention when i turned away from him and my mom and dad always had him in their prayers and he doesn’t even know that. He believe we don’t love him and left him to suffer but no, we could never do that. 

anyway till here my lovely readers, 


and please, take good care of yourselves! 😀


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