Ramadan day 6

Can you believe it! It has already been 6 days of fasting! 

this is awesome! 

Anyway i skipped school on day 6 because i was so tired and i could barely concentrate on anything. So i met Bayu and headed off to the library to study which i ended up watching roll Models which was awesome and i loveeee gine darling and scarlet chan! She is so entertaining and Go GO dancers are so pretty! 

This is scarlet chan and she is packed with attitude and she is very highly entertaining! Gotta love her! 

and this is miss gina darling! She is awesome! She has a pet snake, she is a gamer and she is totally cool! Love her the most! 

Actually before this show, i had no idea what a Go Go model is or what is an import model and the show taught me those terms!

Anyway moving on, i did grocery shopping and ended up buying this at delifrance! 






There were so yummy and i’ll do a review on them in the next post 🙂 

anyway, went home and cleaned the house a bit before heading for a nap. I was expecting my mom to call because she called earlier and said we were suppose to break fast at my dad’s side, my auntie’s place but she didn’t called and i fell asleep until it was nearly break fast time and laid out on the couch watching tv while waiting for my mom and she didn’t even call or anything and when she finally did, she asked me why didn’t i pick up her call which i responded saying there was none and she said she called the house but no one picked up the phone. I told her i was sleeping and she asked why i couldn’t answer the phone again. 


i didn’t answer her and asked her where she was and she told me she was coming home soon and i waited infront of the tv rotting while trying to fix my laptop. It as giving me issue’s by not wanting to connect to my house wi-fi. It was majorly anoying becauseit could conenct to my Hotspot but not my house wi-fi. I got so stressed and i just used my phone through the whole day. 

Well that was pretty much what happened! 

Love you guys, 



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  1. I dont know how you are nor do I care but I believe that you are a nice person. You must stop living this pointless existence and produce value. Good luck!

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