Rants : Internet shopping addict

I know i haven’t blogged about day 4 & 5 & 6 & 7 of ramadan but i really need to let this out first. 

Okay here goes! 


Just like how people love food and exercise and whatever more they like, i love internet shopping because it is cheaper and i don’t have to leave my house which is a plus point really because i don’t have to deal with the crowd and long queue at the dressing room! I could be in my PJ’s and with a Debit card and an internet, Hello internet shopping. 

The only con is internet shopping is the waiting time, yes some parcels i get within a week but some takes at least 2-3 weeks and some of them even got lost but i am blessed because so far, all my parcels find their way to me! And the pricing might look cheap but sometimes there are hidden cost and very high shipping fee so you have got to be careful! And the worst part, I’m buying things that i really don’t need! I should be shopping for heels, a bag and accessories for Hari raya but no, here i am buying things for god knows what purpose! 

now which websites are my favourite to shop on? 

Mostly this 



It used to be called Gmarket but it changed it’s name and you can basically find anything and everything on this website! it’s amazing and make-up are way cheaper here as they are imported from korea! This website is Singapore based but some do ship internationally and for those in the Asian region, There are websites like this for your country where you don’t have to pay ridiculously high shipping fee. 

And here! 




Now Zalora high a very wide price range and this site is mainly for clothes and shoes and bags. Not so much for other products, to me that is and the best thing about Zalora, buy anything more than $30 and get free shipping! Such an encouragement to shop!

Pretty sure some of you, my readers might tell me ” Oh come on, it’s just internet shopping. How bad can it be ” 

i’ll show you how bad. 



Within 3 days from my last purchase, i ended up buying 8 more items! 

At first, i thought this was normal and was happily telling my friends that i am going to blog about my recent purchases and she asked me how many things did i buy,

” 12 items ” i said and she looked surprised. She then started asking really weird questions like was i depressed or was there anything i needed to share. I kinda got pissed off and told her to get straight to the point, like why was she acting this way. “Well Rai, it seems to me you are addicted to online shopping” 

Which i knew actually because my mom ever talked about it with me and she keeps telling me to control myself but as soon as i see the word sale, My fingers immediately just click on it and you know, things happen! 

and you know how some people would say ” Why do you guys like shopping so much? ” or ” Ewww! i don’t like shopping ” 

Let me tell you something, if you don’t like shopping and you are a lady, a girl or a women, there isn’t anything wrong but you might be going with the wrong people to the wrong places. Like me for example, when i was growing up, i hate shopping, I would get what i want and quickly leave but as i grew older, my love for shopping grew because i found the right company and the right places to shop at and that was the best feeling ever! 

Anyway toodles my readers, 

sorry this post has nothing interesting in it really and a lack of direction but it was something that i just had to rant about. 






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