ramadan day 7

Day 7 fell on 17 july 2013 and it was a Tuesday!

and so, after hearing my alarm and countlessly snoozing it, i got up and went to the couch to sleep a bit more and when i woke up, this was what i saw


This actually made my morning! He looked so adorable and it was super cute when his paw twitch! I couldn’t resist and tried to cuddle him to death and i won’t be surprised if he has began plotting my death!

How to Tell Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

credits : http://www.catswhothrowupgrass.com/kill.php

anyway i was late for class and i was still taking my own sweet time till i glance at the clock and nearly got a heart attack. It was after 930 and i had to be in class before 1030! so i rushed and got a bath and received a whatsapp from my cousin asking where was i. I told her i was late and heading to school soon. Apparently lateness runs in the blood as my cousin was late as well. Somewhere between bathing and shampoo-ing my hair, i got lazy to go school and sms my cousin asking her to take mc with me which she of course didn’t want too and dragged me to school with her.

now the best part,

i reached school and met my cousin at the park near our school and ZA was there because he sent her and we all talked for a while before heading to class only to find out my cousin telling me this ” hopefully they don’t have lab today ”

me : wait why, just go since you’re in school already.

cousin : apparently i didn’t bring anything.

So i told her to update me and was half way walking to class when she called me and said her classroom was empty and i started mumbling to myself while walking back to meet her and we decided to take MC since i was that lazy and she was without her lab coat.

we decided where to eat as my cousin wasn’t fasting and my gastric started acting up. I have this disease or sickness called ” gastric inflammation ” and it get’s pretty bad because once i get it, i have to take my medication or i am doomed. Basically the pain will cause me to have a heartburn and me being not able to walk straight. I would have to bend over and walk slowly and it will last about 24 hours or sometimes even more.

So i had no choice and had to eat so i could take my medication and slowly, the pain got better but my tummy was super sore. So ate with my cousins then chilled at Starbucks where my cousin kept annoying me and asking about some drink called cotton candy frappe.

so i went to ask the barista and asked him if there was still cotton candy frappe and to my amazement, there was!


So basically Cotton candy frappe is made from raspberry pumps and vanilla bean and i honestly didn’t know what to expect until i tasted it and it tasted like raspberry! My scumbg brain was actually telling me this drink would taste like real cotton candy because of the name but yeah, its called scumbag for a reason. A pleasant drink really and kinda yummy, making my tummy… ( okay i can’t find any rhyming words so deal with it )

so went back to woodlands to get my Mc and it was hard trying to find a clinic, me and my cousin kept walking in circles and when we finally found one, we were wondering why it was so empty and just went for it. Registered and went to see the doctor and he was telling me that i had an allergic reaction which to his amazement, i didn’t have any allergic because i can eat everything and anything that is halal! He obviously didn’t believe me and sent me on my way with the mc i needed for school.

and after that, i went home because i can and i had nothing on and this post is done!

anyway love you guys!



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