Day 8 of ramadan

Hello there! Sorry i haven’t been blogging lately, 

My exams have started and it is a mess because it is really rushed and we only got like 3 /5 modules result so its hard because you don’t know what to improve on and stuff like that. 

Okay, day 8 of fasting fell on a Wednesday and what does that mean? IT’S JUDO TIME! 

So today i was having this module called Human Resource Management where it is kinda complicated and hard to grasp but it’s not that bad because your teacher goes through the worksheet with you and kinda makes sense of everything. So we did Problem statement, PDT, Worksheet and lastly was presentation which as normal was upload your slides and go to her to check. 

So since it was the fasting month and no one is eating, i decided to meet one of my girls ikha and chilled with her. I went to submit my MC and went to meet her and we just sat and talked what was going on in life and bumped into our another friend named nas. 

Now Nas is those brotherly figure, he is funny and annoying at the same time and we all liked his girlfriend because she is so sweet! Now the last time we saw nas, this guy had a freakking bloated stomach where we liked to disturb him saying he was living the good life that’s why his stomach was bloated! But to our surprise, he slimmed down and his bloated stomach is no longer visible! 

Me and ikha went like ” OH MY GOD NAS! you slimmed down already! what’s you secret? ” 

His response : Fasting lah, what else ( with a cheeky smile) 

we both gave him the are -you -serious face and he went like “Nah, just kidding. I have no idea how i slimmed down” and we talked for a while before he had to go and he was tempted to smoke but since we are fasting, smoking is considered to break our fast so we kept motivating him to carry on and forget about smoking. He left us and we went back to class to finish up our slides. 

Now after class, waited for V and headed up to the dojo to get started on training and master Yeo was there! 

Master yeo is our teacher and he is really a friendly guy. I was actually falling asleep during PT and he came and sit beside me and kinda talked to me and told me i was doing this move wrongly and jokingly told me ” if you continue doing that, you’re going to fall asleep ” He said laughing and i laughed because he was right on point. 

So today, one of the other black belt helped us as master yeo had to do grading for our seniors. Grading basically means the exam we take that showcase the move to go from our current belt to a higher belt. 

We, junior practice our throws and entry and we had fun because Judo is what i would quote from the black belt ” a sport where you can beat someone up and learn something from it ” which is surprisingly true because the more you get thrown, the more you will understand how it works. 

And amazingly, by 9pm sharp, we were out of the Dojo because we found out that the silat ( malay martial art) wanted our Dojo and one of our training days which was kinda weird because it came as a sudden news and we have got to be on our best behaviour as so that the school can’t do 

After training, we headed home and when i came through the door, first question my mom asked me ” Did you train? ” 

I had to lie and said no, i just wore my GI and sit out and she was okay with it. She started talking about some show while i just kept nodding my head and went to bath.

well i do believe thats all that happened on Wednesday!

much love you guys, 



on a sad note, pretty boy wasn’t there ( boohoo) 



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